In respect of my husband’s retirement in ~ the finish of this institution year, ns am sticking v the pun template today, yet in a specialized way. For the last thirty years, man has given this “test” come his chemistry great on a day when they all need a adjust of pace. Some youngsters love it and groan loudly every time they number one out. Others, of course, declare it to be stupid. I’m sure you understand which team I would be in.

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John believes that students should learn exactly how to think deeply and be maybe to figure things out, both in the class room and in the lab–that’s exactly how he teaches. He additionally understands the everyone comes at points from various angles, therefore he functions to provide every kind of mind a chance to find success. He has been loved and respected by his students, and I am very proud of him.

Back come the punitentiary … man doesn’t remember where he acquired this test many years ago, so ns can’t credit transaction the source. Ns invite you to study the routine Table and also see if girlfriend can figure out the facets that match up with the descriptions. If you gain stuck, speak the facet names out loud.

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Use the name of facets as synonyms or substitute for part phrases. So cesium her pen and fill in the blanks.

What medical professionals are because that __________Policeman __________________Have go (very poor grammar) ___________________Indian funeral hymn ____________________________A motto for a well-digging firm _________________Get the ____________________Holmium X 0.5 = ____________Chemical Apache ____________To push a shirts ______________Directed (past tense) __________A kitchen job-related area v a drain ___________________A ship’s kitchen ______________The leg joint above the calf _______________________What police execute to a bookie share ___________________A cowboy’s cry after efficiently riding a bronco: “I ___________________.”An amusing sinner __________Ruler the Davy Jones’ locker _______________________A big building offered to store automobiles ___________The last words that a dying man _____________________The Lone Ranger’s equine ________A dig _____________________What is regularly done come stores throughout a riot ____________The name applied to a blond human being from Sweden, Norway, or Finland ________________What execute you do before you brand a steer? ___________The surname of a red flower ________An officer in the army __________ (second time for this element)Someone who gives to charity ____________________ (Biblical: one who stops to help a other traveler)Mickey Mouse’s dog ___________A 2000-pound casket __________ (second time because that this element)“___________________________ anything, but give them Arpege.”The United says _____________View through a young whose name is Cal. __________________ (monstrous pun)What you do to steak once you barbecue it __________Cow hide offered as a carpet _____________________ionFunds from mother’s sister ____________________Opposite of hot _____________________________


Curium centimeter or Helium HeCopper CuArgon ArBarium BaBoron BCesium CeHafnium HfIndium InIron FeLead PbZinc ZnGallium GaNeon NeRadium RaRhodium RhSilicon AiNeptunium NpCarbon XIodine ISilver AgKrypton KrLutetium LuScandium ScEuropium EuGermanium GeLutetium LuSamarium SmPlutonium PuKrypton KrPromethium PmAmericum AmCalcium CaCerium CeFlourine FAntimony SbGold Au