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Answer: Liesel Matthews You need to keep in mind that this is about the 1995 version, not the previously version which did star Shirley Temple. Vanessa Lee Chester protrays Becky and Heather DeLoach portrays Ermengarde, among Sara"s institution friends.
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Answer: new York Sara was sent to institution in brand-new York City while she father battled in people War 1. It to be the same school Sara"s mother had actually attended once she was a little girl.
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Answer: French Sara was incredibly proficient in French and was excused from taking the class, lot to the chagrin of miss out on Minchin.
Answer: India Sara"s father relocated from England come India. It does not say as soon as though. So follow to what the movie refers to, Sara is from India. Sara"s father, Captain Crewe, claims that India is the only place that "stirs the imagination".
Your options: < "The means she wore she hair" > < The sound of she voice" > < "The means her eyes lit up once she laughed" > < "Dancing with her" >
Answer: "The way she wore her hair"
"I love the way her eyes lit up when she laughed, simply as your do. I loved the sound of her voice as soon as she sang me the Indian individual song. However I think, more than something else, ns loved dancing with her." This is what Captain Crewe says to Sara when she asks that what he love most around her mother.
Answer: Emily Captain Crewe said Sara that if she is ever before frightened, to just tell Emily, and also Emily will get the messege to him. The is therefore sad once he leaves and also Sara is left at the school. Also when she hugs Emily, it would be really like giving him a hug.
Answer: Sara"s birthday party miss Minchin put a protect against to the party and then tells Sara in exclusive that she father had actually died.
Answer: green the is a dress with a big bow, and also they room only permitted to wear the uniform; no jewelry is allowed, however Sara keeps her locket anyway.
Answer: 1856 It claims it appropriate under miss Minchin"s name right external the door of the school. Later in the movie the sign was changed. It read "The Randolph institution for Girls". The institutions neighbor, Mr. Randolph, took end the college after it was found that miss out on Minchin lied about Sara"s father not really being she father.
Answer: her doll and her book as soon as Sara is compelled to move up to the attic, miss Minchin allows her store her doll called Emily that her father offered to her, and additionally a book of Indian individual tales. Sara starts off acquisition the locket v her too, but Miss Minchin notices it and also takes it away from her.
Your options: < Becky, since she had actually to clean commodes > < Ermengarde, due to the fact that her dad didn"t choose her French > < Lavinia, since her hair fell out > < Lottie, because her mom is dead >
Answer: Lottie, due to the fact that her mommy is dead
Becky is the maid, Lavinia is the bully, and Ermengarde is the sweet but not therefore intelligent friend.
Answer: man His surname was John and his dad was really upset as soon as he lost him in the war. I believed that was sad as well. Man lived alongside the institution that Sara attended, which shows that the people is smaller sized than you think. The battle that Captain Crewe to be fighting in to be WWI. The movie takes ar in 1914.
Answer: an embroidered pillow Becky offers Sara a pillow the she had embroidered with pictures of things in India, influenced by the stories Sara was constantly telling about India.
Answer: yellow hair shoes Sara witnessed Becky rubbing ice cream on she foot because of sores, and also felt sorry for her.
Answer: Becky Sara offers Becky a pair that yellow shoes through fir about the edges. Sara observed Becky icing she feet in her room in the attic. Sara left the pair of shoes in a box v a tiny friendly keep in mind on it because that Becky. Becky and also Sara become best friends, and also later sisters, as soon as Sara is made right into a maid girl.
Answer: provides it come Mr. Randolph top top her method home, Sara slides the flower through the handles of Mr. Randolph"s former door.
Answer: Sita The story she tells shows what is walk in Sara"s life. The same actor the played Captain Crewe play Prince Rama. This actor was Liam Cunningham. Queen Kaikay had actually banished her son since she was jealousy of him.

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Answer: He got amnesia Captain Crewe acquired amnesia native inhaling toxic fumes while trying to save the life the Mr. Randolph"s son, that dies. Captain Crewe to be then mistaken because that Randolph"s son and also taken to his house, which to be right following door to Sara"s school.
Answer: yellow Sara puts a yellow increased in the handle of the door of she mourning neighbor. She received the climbed from a poor woman after Sara had offered one of she daughters a roll, the she had actually purchased with the money a boy offered to her. The boy believed she to be a begger.