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And now, Words and also Their Stories, from VOA finding out English.

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Today we talk around change. The human being changes. Instances change. But what around people? execute we ever before really change?

To prize this, we revolve to the animal world come describe changes in personality and behavior.

A usual expression says that as we acquire older it gets harder to adjust and harder come learn new behavior. The expression is: You can not teach one old dog brand-new tricks.

This expression walk not typical that the is impossible because that an older human to find out something new. Anyone can learn a brand-new skill later on in life -- from speak a new language to play an instrument.

But sometimes as a human being gets older, they acquire used come doing things in a specific way. It is more challenging for castle to find out a new way of doing things.

Some people, this expression claims, acquire very collection in their ways. They do not prefer to change. They favor to wake up in ~ the same time, eat the same thing because that lunch, and watch the exact same news program. People who to the right this description take comfort in routines.

Of course, this is no true because that everyone. Numerous older human being adapt and change very easily to new situations. Yet perhaps castle were always like that, also when they to be younger. Lock are just staying true to their nature.

And that brings united state to our next expression: A leopard doesn’t readjust its spots

This expression method that a human being will stay true to your nature. They room who they are and cannot readjust -- also if the person cases otherwise.

We frequently use this expression once talking about someone who claims they have readjusted their ways. Castle no much longer do something negative that they used to do.

Here is a really short story utilizing these expressions. Hear for various other expressions that relate come a human not changing.

Years ago, I resided in a beautiful apartment. Yet it was too large for me. So, to conserve some money, I invite a woman to relocate in. She to be a girlfriend of a girlfriend of a friend. So, ns did not understand her. However I to be told she would be a very an excellent roommate.

And in ~ first, she was. Then her “true colors” come out.

First, she to be messy. She left her stuff everywhere. As soon as I told her to choose up after herself, she just laughed and also said. “I to be messy together a small girl, and also I’m still messy. You know what castle say, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’”

Well, ns didn"t think that was very funny. Besides she was also young to it is in an “old dog” stuck in her ways.

Then she beginning doing various other things – worse things. She would take my stuff and lie about it. She would certainly eat every one of my food and not buy any food herself. Finally, she started throwing loud, all-night parties and also inviting all kinds that strange civilization to the apartment.

That to be the last straw! I had had enough. I told her she had actually to uncover a new place come live.

Well, after only a week of spring she said she can not discover one. This I found hard come believe. Over there were constantly “apartment for rent” signs about town. However we had a significant talk and also she promised me that she would adjust her ways. She would turn end a new leaf. She would clean up her act, so to speak.

So, i let she stay. That was a mistake. She soon fell back into her old ways. It transforms out the old saying is true: A leopard doesn’t readjust its spots.

In the end, I discovered her one more place to live. She is now living through that friend of a friend of a friend. Difficulty solved!

And that’s all the moment we have actually for this Words and also their Stories. Until following time … ns Anna Matteo.

Anna Matteo created this lesson or VOA finding out English. Susan Shand was the editor.


Words in This Story

personality – n. he qualities (as the atmosphere or habits) that make one human being different from others

comfort – n. a state or instance in which you are relaxed and do not have any physically uncomfortable feelings brought about by pain, heat, cold, etc.

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routine – n. a regular way of doing things in a certain order

adapt – v. to change your habits so the it is much easier to live in a details place or situation

apartment – n. a normally rented room or set of rooms the is part of a building and also is used as a ar to live

roommate – n. one of 2 or more persons share the exact same room or living quarters

messy – adj. no clean or tidy

last straw – expression the last of a collection (as of events or insults) that brings one past the suggest of endurance