1  n-count A organization is a team of people, clubs, or countries that have joined together for a certain purpose, or because they re-superstructure a common interest. oft in names ...the league of Nations., ...the human being Muslim League.  

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2  n-count 
A organization is a team of teams that pat the very same sport or task against every other. ...the American League series between the Boston Red Sox and also World Champion Oakland Athletics..., The club room on the brink of promo to the Premier League.  
3  n-count 
You use the word league to do comparisons in between different human being or things, specifically in regards to their quality. with supp Her success has taken her the end of mine league..., Their record sales would put them in the same league as The roll Stones.  
4 If girlfriend say that someone is in leaguewith one more person to perform something bad, you typical that they room working together to carry out that thing. ♦in league 
 phrase usu v-link PHR, oft PHR v n There is no evidence that the broker to be in organization with the fraudulent vendor...  
Ivy League 
 The Ivy organization is a group of eight colleges in the north-eastern component of the united States, which have actually high academic and society status.  n-proper the N; oft N n ...an Ivy league college.  
league table 
  (league tables plural )A league table is a list the shows how successful an company such as a sports team or a company is when it is contrasted to other comparable organizations.  (mainly BRIT)  n-count ...a organization table of British institutions ranked by exam results.  
Little League 
 The small League is an company of children"s baseball teams that compete against each other in the united States.  n-proper 
1  n-plural The significant leagues are groups of expert sports teams that compete versus each other, especially in American baseball. the N Chandler was instrumental in do Jackie Robinson the first black player in the significant leagues.  
2  adj 
Major league way connected with the significant leagues in baseball. usu ADJ n ...a town through no significant league baseball.  
3  adj 
Major league people or institutions are crucial or successful. James Hawes"s an initial film boasts major-league stars.  
4 If who moves right into the major league or renders it right into the significant league, castle become very successful in their career.  (JOURNALISM) ♦move into the major league/make it into the significant league 
 phrase Vs inflect Once a girl has actually made it into the major league every detail is mapped out by she agency.  

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