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Cadılar Bayramı için siyah bir kazanda balkabağı çorbası yaptı. - She made pumpkin soup in a black color cauldron because that Halloween.

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Cadı, kazanını karıştırıyor. - The witch is stirring she cauldron.

cauldron(isim) kazan cauldroni., İng. Kazan

Definition that cauldrons in English English dictionary

plural that cauldron

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cauldronA large bowl-shaped pot provided for boiling over an open flame

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cauldronA huge vessel for boiling points in cauldronNormally a actors iron pot cauldronA cauldron is a really large, round steel pot supplied for food preparation over a fire. In stories and also fairy tales, a cauldron is used by witches for their spells cauldronAn steel pot, of any type of size, offered to prepare ritual magicks, herbals, infusions, and also so on The cauldron is a price of the womb and the birth process, the ability to transform oneself into a an ext spiritual separation, personal, instance cauldronn A pot, often actors iron and with 3 or four legs, a handle and also a lid, offered in various methods for miracle work and also rituals In significance a food preparation pot, it is a device for change Objects may be passed through the fire because that purification, and people might jump end the cauldron, for instance for purification and/or healing A cauldron may likewise be used over a fire, for brewing organic drinks or making unique soups to be eaten as component of a ritual Filled through water, it may be offered for scrying cauldrona very huge pot that is provided for cook cauldron(calderotto) cauldronUsed both together a tool and also a price The cauldron represents birth, death and rebirth, and is a prize of the Goddess, specifically in her develops as Mother and Crone Many old legends from Norse, Celtic and other traditions use the cauldron as an emblem that knowledge, inspiration and also blessing cauldroncall-drin; A metal bowl, occasionally with a handle/feet, which to represent the Goddess and also her womb cauldronA black color pot( usually actors iron) used bywitches that symbolically to represent the womb that the Goddess, and it is offered for miscellaneous purposes including burning incense, and also holding herbs cauldronAn steel vessel the would have been originally supplied to chef food and additionally to brew medicines and potions by true historical cunning persons and also Witches used in Wicca for making brews and also potions, and various ritual purposes, The 3 legs of the Cauldron are supposed to represent the Triple Goddess cauldronCauldrons come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and also forms, but are basically a big deep bowl shaped recepticle offered in various methods for routine work generally they room made the metal and also are frequently used to host the coals for loosened incense cauldron i huge pot supplied for cooking or boil liquidscauldronA feminine symbol of the goddess, likewise of life, death, and also rebirth This is linked with Cerridwen, a goddess who brewed a magickal cauldron native which a single drop was yielded yearly The consumer of her brew would be granted great wisdom this day her cauldron survives not only in pagan ritual however in the Christian principle of the holy grail cauldronA big kettle or boiler that copper, brass, or stole


< "kol-dr&n > (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, alteration of cauderon, from Old phibìc French, diminutive of caudiere, from so late Latin caldaria, native feminine the Latin caldarius supplied for hot water, indigenous calidus warm, native calEre to be warm; much more at LEE.