I’m dazzling to be kicking turn off a collection across a variety of bloggers – all about collective nouns and getting an innovative with them!

I love cumulative nouns, a real gem in the English language together so numerous have interesting names the you yes, really would never ever guess at. I’m first to short article in this collection (no push huh?!) and as we have been law an under the sea theme I determined Whales.

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The main collective noun because that a team of Whales is a ‘pod’ yet you may likewise hear them referred to as a gam, a herd or a school. A pod deserve to contain all over from 2-30 whales and also are usually formed from whales with a organic connection eg: mother and also baby. The smaller whales have tendency to travel in larger pods and also the bigger whales smaller sized pods, due to their dimension and ability to remain safe from predators.

The children and also I have actually been reading about life under the sea and also decided to have a walk at do some paper plate whales. These room super an easy to do yet look quite cute when they’re made.

To make your whale you will need

Paper platesCard (we used blue)Paint and also other decorationsscissors, glue, googly eyes and also sticky tape

I reduced the plates in fifty percent and offered the children some paint, brushes and bubble wrap. We painted up our plates – utilizing the balloon wrap to make spots on them. We had been city hall a video clip of the blue whale so the kids both choose to decorate their whales utilizing blue paint.

We left the whales come dry and I attracted a tail fin on part card and also cut these out. As soon as the tails were dried we tape-recorded the tails in place. We added an eye to every one and easy as that they to be finished.

We collection up a tuff spot through the whales making use of some blue glass stones in different shades and also some strips of fabric. Us had additionally made some various other sea creatures consisting of jellyfish and also fish and the youngsters had great fun ‘swimming’ them around the tuff spot. They had actually remembered the the whales involved the surface to breath so together the tuff spot was on the was standing they swam them under then up end the tuff spot because that them come breathe.

Super simple method to create your very own pod that whales.

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