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Please help! I have actually a Nissan Maxima 1999 through a reoccuring code of p0325, knock sensor bank 1..not sure which on that engine is bank 1. Front or rear? any kind of tips on doing the task or wherein the sensor is situated would be appreciated. The automobile is slow at times and has a jolting sensation once stopped and also in drive, and pings if i use much less than 93 octane.. I think all the symptoms space related, together a power balance test has actually indicated no missfire. Say thanks to you for your time.
Replace your knowck sensor. There is just one. Take it at look here for much more info. Http:// and. Http:// And. Http://
Replace her knowck sensor. There is just one. Take at look here for more info. Http:// and. Http:// And. Http://
Knock sensor wire harness
I had to get a hit sensor and plug to install in mine car, yet i cant see where come other end of the wires go. One finish is plugged into the sensor, so wherein does the various other end connect to? go anyone have picture of this?
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