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buy oem honda, nothing functions best. Yet if you can wait to gain some or want to go v a great substitue, 10w-30 is the very same as the honda hand-operated trans. Fluid. Don"t try to walk thicker, it wont work.
buy oem honda, nothing works best. But if you deserve to wait to gain some or want to go with a good substitue, 10w-30 is the exact same as the honda hand-operated trans. Fluid. Don"t try to go thicker, it no work.

any 10w-30 engine oil will do fine in the tranny. I talked to the techs at the dealer by my place and that"s what they recommended
I agree v UltraMagnetical here..... In the ago of the honda oem MTL is says, "10w-30". It"s just oil. If you really desire something "better" just get some mobile One 10w-30 Synthetic. It functions really well and also your shifter won"t it is in notchy in the cold.

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H22a Nut:1993 hatch H22a1996 hatch Semi constructed H22a +70 shot1995 Accord H22a (being constructed for boost)1993 Supra TT - single T78 (sold will be missed)
i don"t also use fabricated oil in mine h22....just continuous oil for daily driving and synthetic/synth blend on gyeongju days.
"Neo M T F is a distinct high effectiveness lubricant formulated through a 100% artificial base for application permitting this low viscosity. That is compounded through the most recently developed additive system to administer the can be fried in equipment protection from pressure, corrosion and shock load. A friction full is to work to minimize sliding friction, thereby giving the greatest power transfer and also lower fuel consumption. Recommended only for hand-operated transmissions whereby a low viscosity oil is specified, such as ATF or engine oils, 5/20, 5/30, 10/30, 10/40. Marketed as 1 quart"
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because the accord ECONOBOX transmission wouldn"t benifit from utilizing a man-made tranny oil.....cost come benifit proportion is microscopic
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