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This is probably a dumb question however I have spent part time looking through the Chiltons manual and can not find where the hell the fuel filter need to be located. Mine is one 88 toyota pickup, carberated 4 cylinder. The seems like it have to be in line however I haven"t to be able to view anything. Additionally where is the fuel pump located. I think that it is beside the carborator but I thought that it was situated in the fuel tank. Any aid would it is in appreciated.
where"s Waldo?The fuel pump is an installed on the head, top top the passenger side, just back from the front. It is held on with two 12mm head bolts. The filter, i am not sure precisely on her model, yet check up under the bed just behind the pass. Door. Also, there is one within the tank on the pickup.Jeff
No there are not two fuel pumps. You have a carb motor and also there is NO fuel pump in her tank just one bolted to the passenger side of your head that is thrust by your cam. The thing is frickin large I am not sure how your can"t check out it.As others have said her fuel filter is ~ above the top of the passenger side structure rail under the bed.
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