Product Number LTDN42V68US-PB-R
Condition Refurbished
Warranty Period 90 Days
Packaging Plain Box
Tech assistance By Dealer
Regulatory Approval FCC, cULus, energy Star, RoHS
Country that Origin China
Unit Dimensions 37.5x14.5x37 in |95.2x36.8x94.0 cm
Each Unit Weighs 56.0 lb | 25.40 Kg
Each understand Box Has 1
Master Box lowers Are 37.5x14.5x37 in | 95.2x36.8x94.0 cm
Each understand Box Weighs 56.0 lb | 25.40 Kg
Each Pallet Has 6
Each Pallet Weighs 386 lb | 386 Kg

It"s around time you freed up some space in the life room, no? This 42-inch Emerson LTDN42V68US Widescreen LCD HDTV is the perfect start.

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Slim and also surprisingly lightweight, this black HDTV sports a 42-inch LCD Display with 1920 x 1080 optimum resolution and also a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, for this reason you acquire nothing but clear images and also bright colors. A built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner enables both digital and also analog broadcasts, so take benefit of city hall the exploration Channel in HD! through three HDMI ports, friend can affix standard or HD-DVDs, game consoles, camcorders and more.

If you want an affordable upgrade, then go with this Emerson LTDN42V68US Widescreen LCD HDTV. Order today!

42-inch Emerson LTDN42V68US 1080p Widescreen LCD HDTVGeneral Features: Black shade 42-inch LCD screen 1920 x 1080
60Hz resolution16:9 Widescreen facet Ratio 30,000:1 contrast Ratio 1080p display Format 5 ms an answer Time 450 cd/m2 BrightnessIntegrated NTSC/ATSC HDTV Tuner Vertical/Horizontal viewing angles 178ºPicture manage (Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, Sharpness) integrated speakers VESA mount Remote manage (included)Power Rating: 120V ~ 60Hz, 180WLead-freeConnectors: Three (3) HDMI inputsOne (1) Antenna inputOne (1) Composite video with L/R RCA audioOne (1) Component video input (Y, Pb, Pr) One (1) L/R RCA audio jacksOne (1) Coaxial Digital Audio output (RCA jack)One (1) 15-pin VGA portOne (1) Audio in 3.5 mm jackOne (1) Headphone out 3.5 mm jackOne (1) USB business portSide panel Controls:Power buttonChannel Up/Down buttonsVolume Up/Down buttonsInput buttonMenu buttonUnit size w/Stand: 29 x 40.5 x 12-inches (H x W x D, approximate) Regulatory Approvals: FCC cULus power Star compliantRoHS
42-inch Emerson LTDN42V68US 720p Widescreen LCD HDTV was standing Remote manage Two (2) AAA batteries for remote controlPower cordUser"s Manual
Notes: Model: LTDN42V68US Product Requirements: Satellite cable or antenna house stereo mechanism with HDMI, component and composite jacks accessible power outletDisclosures: LCD screens may have cosmetic imperfections that show up as small bright or dark spots. This is typical to all LCD screens used in assets by all vendors and is not specific to any seller or brand. Listed below are the acceptable amounts of "dot defects" for LCD displays that we sell: 30-Inch to 42-inch: Total Defects: 8 shining or Dark Dots (random): 4 shining or Dark Dots (2 adjacent): 2 shining or Dark Dots (3 adjacent): 0 Minimum distance in between defects: 15 mm (bright to bright dots) Minimum distance between defects: 5 mm (dark to dark dots)
** In stimulate to effect repairs come the assets sold, the use of 3rd Party parts may be used. Once you room reselling this product, please convey this come all succeeding buyers the this product come avoid any confusion.


This product deserve to expose you to chemicals including lead, which is recognized to the State of California to cause cancer, bear defects or various other reproductive harm. For much more information go to

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