3 digit number divisible through 3 space = 333 – 33 = 300



Q4. The six-digit number 12334 A is divisible by 9, where A is a single-digit whole number. Find the minimum value of A.

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Q6. Find the four digit biggest number which when separated by 30, 18 and also 20 pipeline remainder 3 in every case.
Q7. Find the difference in between the amount of the number of the largest 4-digit number divisible by 11 and the amount of the digits of the largest 4-digit number divisible by 16.

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Q9. What is the greatest number i beg your pardon when divided by 728 and 900 pipeline the remainder 8 and 4 respectively?
Q10. Akash wants to donate 87375 blankets come 698 complexes in a surrounding locality. If he wants to keep some blankets through himself, climate how many such blankets must he save so the all the complexes obtain equal number of blankets?
Q1. Four bells ring in ~ intervals of 5, 10, 12 and also 15 minutes respectively. If they begin ringing with each other at 3 o'clock, after what expression of time will they ring together and also how plenty of times will they ring together in 18 hours?
Q4. If the product of 2 numbers is 578 and their Highest common Factor is 17, climate what is the difference between the two numbers?
Q9. The Highest typical Factor of two numbers is (2/5)th of their Least typical Multiple. If the product of two numbers is 1690, then what is your Highest common Factor?
Q10. If 'a' and 'b' room two smallest confident prime numbers, climate what is the difference in between their L.C.M. And H.C.F.?


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Q1. Columbus started his trip from Lucknow come Kolkata i beg your pardon is 200 km, in ~ the rate of 40 km/h. Then he visited Banglore i beg your pardon is 300 kilometres at the rate of 20 km/h. More he went to Ahmadabad which is 500 km at the speed of 10 km/h. The average speed that Columbus.