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1997 220 bayou electric start won"t work. Placed a new battery in replaced the solenoid however still nothing. Bike will certainly crank jumping the article on the solenoid or v the pull starter. Once the start button is pushed...nothing. Mine daughter is can not to begin with the rope for this reason I"m do the efforts to gain this fixed. Its got 12v at the starter switch yet nothing happens when the botton is pushed. There is a plug with three wires the plugs into the solenoid however I don"t know how this system operates. Any aid is appreciated!
The bike have to be in neutral...does the eco-friendly neutral irradiate show?-- crucial on-- ignition switch on handlebar on-- in neutral (green irradiate on)-- understand 20A fuse not blownall the over is necessary before the starter relay will operate.
2003 Bayou 250, finished replacing or solving the ingredient that needed it. Rebuilt the tail irradiate fixtures through LED arrays and drivers in original lenses.2001 Bayou 300 2wd. Demands same type of renovation together the 250 did. Miscellaneous other Bayous right here to be rebuilt and also then to walk away.
Yes all the above is ok. Neutral light, switch, fuse and also all. Bike will certainly fire right up if the 2 solenoid short article are jumped.

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sounds choose the trouble is between the switch and also the solenoid. Ns would put a voltmeter ~ above the solenoid and see what the voltage and then map the wire back to the switch and see if whatever is connected.
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