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Well it ultimately happen. A rock fell from the heavens if I remained in the interstate and hit my windshield. Plus one day in the summer heat and it sent out cracks every over. Just wanted to understand the price of a brand-new windshield.

Sorry because that your poor misfortune. I recognize my JK"s windshield days room numbered. I was out cruising about in Lancaster, PA. Whereby they thrive those bugs large well as soon as one of those access time a Jeep windshield girlfriend know.

Well it ultimately happen. A rock fell from the heavens when I was in the interstate and hit mine windshield.Plus someday in the summer heat and also it sent out cracks all over.Just want to know the price the a brand-new windshield.
Yeah, ns took on a absent myself. There"s a little crack in ~ the very bottom of mine windshield (about 1/4 inch), so I"m no going to perform anything uneven it spreads, i m sorry it probably will. Together I was exploring local glass shops, I discovered that some shops don"t usage OEM glass - miscellaneous you could want come look into. Also, ns don"t understand if it different from state come state, yet here in MA there"s no deductible ~ above glass. Friend should examine your insurance.Phil

I lowered my glass deductible come $100. I"ve got two cracks (neither in my line of sight), but the Texas summer warmth will for sure send those cracks my method soon.
Im top top my third one appropriate now and its cracked from east to west. Ns am strictly aftermarket at $210.00 a pop.
Good day, Canada "chipping" in here. (OK, mine bad) I simply replaced a cracked windshield because that $500.00, $250.00 of i m sorry was spanned by mine insurance. I placed on the OEM windshield since a plain, no OEM unit to be only around $50.00 cheaper. Also if it had actually of to be cheaper I more than likely would have gone the OEM route. I just prefer it. I m really sorry for your troubles however I"ve come to think with a Jeep it"s just a matter of time...

I insisted top top OE glass in mine Toyota 4runner due to the fact that it had actually a bunch of stuff constructed into the glass (antennae, heater, sensor, windshield wiper defroster/heaters, etc.)IF/When my Jeep take away a shot.... Ns dunno. I choose the graphics and also my deductible is $0. You have the right to ask for OE parts and also depending on her policy, you"ll gain it.
Safelite around 2 months ago was roughly 480 mounted at your place 25 bucks less at their shop. OEM glass.
I simply looked up the price because that the windshield ~ above the Safelite internet site and also the price is $265 because that aftermarket and also $415 because that OEM. When I acquire my windshield replaced, I will certainly be going through the cheaper aftermarket glass. I watch no reason to invest $150 more for a windshield that will just get cracked again.
I haven"t had to acquire a new one yet since I purchase my used 08 JK in January, but because then I"ve had a couple good sized rocks struggle it, and also needless come say ns will need a brand-new one soon, however not yet. And the price for the after industry one the I"m getting will be 215.00 the end the door. It"s not functioning paying 500$ for an OEM one when you"re probably gonna need one more one shortly after anyways. From what I"ve heard jeep owner go thru windsheilds like crazy!
Back once I was to run my cj-7 i was to buy DIY repair kits for chips at BiMart.They operated well for me yet I haven"t seen them for awhile???
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"I will certainly be going v the cheaper aftermarket glass. I watch no factor to spend $150 an ext for a windshield that will just get cracked again. "good theory yet flawed in reality.....I had actually that arrangement OEM was eliminated by a gravel van a few months ~ purchase.....the "cheapie econo glass" has lasted 4+ years regardless of some significant sounds rolling under the pike....
get in--buckle up--hang ~ above :zap:"soothing agricultural implement/personal servant/Walter Mitty multidimensional accessibility utility an equipment conveniently travels on pavement when necessary and also often keeps me warm/cool/dry/soothed as needed."
I just paid $359 because that a Mopar glass - The guy just left the house.I spent around 30 minute shopping around and this was the ideal price the I was able to find.
Best thing to carry out is contact your insurance agency and minimize your an extensive insurance deductible, i m sorry is different from the collision deductible, and it won"t it is in expensive if you ever before have to replace it again. Autumn it down to $50 and your insurance money rate may only go up $30/year.
If friend live in the Chicagoland area call Aaron"s auto glass. They"ll come the end to you and replace your windshield. I think the OEM one was $300. I paid $160 for simply a setup windshield. Figured it"s gonna save happening and I don"t should see the Jeep grill on my windshield that badly.
Safe lite came out Monday and also put In a brand-new Mopar windshield. The bill ns signed stated $375, yet insurance is choose up the tab.
Just had actually mine replaced with Mopar glass, invoice was $411, insurance paid all because I have glass coverage.

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Just had mine replaced with Mopar glass, bill was $411, insurance payment all since I have glass coverage.
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