This guide will be pointing out the Nissan mass Air flow (MAF) sensor, a usual problem v Nissan MAF, just how to diagnose it, change it and carry MAF relearn procedure. 


This is a perform of usual symptoms you will notification when her Nissan MAF sensor fasensor fails. 

Nissan is difficult to start. The engine runs unusually skinny or rich, idling.Vehicle idles to high or low.Nissan hesitates once under load.The vehicle hesitates and also jerks during acceleration.

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How come Diagnose Nissan MAF Sensor PrSensor Problems

To diagnose the Nissan MAF sensor, friend will should read the fault codes save in the Engine control Unit sensor, girlfriend will need to read the fault codes stored in the Engine regulate Unit (ECU).

For this step, you will require an OBD2 scanner.

Plug her diagnostic scanner in this port. Turn ~ above the ignition however do not start the engine. 


Allow her scanner to turn on and communicate with the ECU. 


Select check out Codes from the main menu. 

Fault codes such as P0171 device Too lean (Bank 1), P0174 device Too lean (Bank 2), and P0101. Dirty, obstructed, or faulty fixed air circulation sensor. Create down these codes research them to discover out what each code mesensor. Write down this codes research them to find out what each password means. 

How to replace Nissan MAF SensorSensor

Replacing the MAF sensor ~ above a Nissan vehicle is an extremely esensor on a Nissan automobile is really easy. 

What you will certainly needProcedurePull the hood release under the dashboard and also open the hood of your Nissan. 

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Unplug the electrical connector from your Nissan mass airflow sensor. 
Watch the following video on exactly how to remove the wait filter crate to accessibility the MAF sensofilter box to accessibility the MAF sensorsensor. 

Remove the screws that host the mass air flow sensor in place. 

Install the new MAF on her Nissan. Tighten the screws so that they are secure and also tight. Plug the electric connector until it locks in place. 
A defective Nissan pursuit mass air flow sensor might make your car challenging to start.Your ECU uses the mass airflow sensor entry to identify the fuel ratio that the injectors need to deliver to the engine.

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If your examine engine light is stillengine light is still on, usage an OBD2 scanner come clear any type of stored password in the ECU. 

How to Clean Nissan MAF SensorSensor

Cleaning the MAF sensor on a Nissan is easy and takes much less than ten minusensor ~ above a Nissan is easy and takes less than ten minutes. 

 Pull the hood release and open the hood. Locate the MAF sensor beside the engine wait filter houssensor beside the engine air filter housfilter housing. Unplug the mass air circulation sensor electrical connecsensor electric connector. Remove the 2 screws that host the MAF sensor secure and also remove the MAF sensensor secure and also remove the MAF sensorsensor. Allow the MAF sensor to dry and also reinstsensor come dry and also reinstall. 


Nissan"s mass air flow sensor sends a voltage come the powertrain manage module (PCM). The warm wire sensors typically have one operating variety of 0 - 5 volts.