For additional brake liquid specification information,refer to “Capacities and also recommendedfuel/lubricants” in the “Technical and also consumerinformation” section of this manual.

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● usage only new fluid from a sealed container.

Old, inferior or contaminatedfluid may damages the brake systems.

The use of improper fluids deserve to damagethe brake system and impact the vehicle’sstopping ability.● Clean the filler cap prior to removing.● Brake fluid is poisonous and should bestored very closely in significant containersout of with of children.


Do no spill the liquid on any kind of painted surfaces.

This will damages the paint. If liquid isspilled, instantly wash the surface ar withwater.

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Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. If thefluid level is listed below the MIN heat or the brakewarning light come on, include Genuine NISSANSuper heavy Duty Brake liquid or indistinguishable DOT3 fluid up come the MAX line. If fluid must be addedfrequently, the mechanism should be checked by aNISSAN dealer.

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