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ANyone know exactly how to change the facility armrest lid? Mine has bubbles and I want to order a new one online however wanted to know if it;s simple swap out. There space 4 screws in the plastic top top the under next of the lid. Ns took lock out however it looks more complicated. Any assist is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
The animal leather is stapled under from underneath. Once you remove all the screws the plastic has small clips. Then you view the underbelly the the lid. I planned ~ above redoing it myself but I need to uncover the same kind of staples for this reason I can secure it again. Ns don"t think adhesive would host it correctly.So says latinmaxima, so that shall it is in done!
Just replaced the lid. That cost around $70 v shipping. Real easy come do. The new lid comes v the plastic and also latch and also metal hinge. Just pop off the back and unscrew and also replace. Took around 10 minutes.
What if I want to get the center lid console replaced with custom leather? would certainly this be feasible or would certainly I need to buy some sort of replacement parts before taking the in to the upholstery worker?
I would think you can remove and also take come the upholstery shop and then put it ago in place. The extending is stapled from the underside. Lock should have the ability to remove and also recover nice easily.If you do this i would eliminate the whole lid prefer I described over and then take the apart to obtain to the component to be recovered. This will be a lot much easier than do the efforts to take it apart while still attached to the console.
Does anyone have actually the instructions to remove the center armrest lid (not fabric) native the center console?
Link to 09-11 Pilot repair manual
Here is the a connect to my dropbox folder that has 09-11 Pilot repair manuals. You should have the ability to find the hands-on on how to remove the facility armrest
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Hey rck1.Where go you gain the lid from because that $70?Everywhere i look the $130+. Ns tried trying to find aftermarket however can’t uncover it. I also searched because that 3D printed ones.
Just changed the lid. It cost about $70 v shipping. Actual easy come do. The new lid comes v the plastic and latch and also metal hinge. Simply pop turn off the earlier and unscrew and also replace. Took about 10 minutes.
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