How deserve to you tell if your car has a poor AC press switch? read on to discover the most typical symptoms.

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If you have some simple mechanical knowledge, you deserve to follow these AC push switch diagnostic measures to figure out what’s going on.

1. Turn On wait Conditioning

Leave the engine running and also turn top top the waiting conditioning complete blast. Make certain you have the home windows open, so the air doesn’t cycle itself.

The first sign the the waiting conditioning push switch is poor is once the device shuts off intermittently. This shouldn’t happen with the windows broad open.

2. Feel the Condenser Tubes

Pop the hood and also look for the condenser. It is a grille-shaped or block component that connects come the compressor with tubes and also hoses. It likewise contains a belt and pulley system.

Feel both tubes coming from the condenser, moving toward the firewall. They have to be cold come touch due to the fact that refrigerant should be flowing v them.

If among the tubes doesn’t feel cold, there is no refrigerant moving through the line.

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3. Check AC Pressures

Use your air air conditioning gauge collection to inspect for adequate levels top top both sides. You will connect the low-pressure gauge to the low-pressure fitting and also vice versa.

On the low-pressure side, you should see readings near 30 PSI once the temperature exterior is 90 levels or less. The high-pressure side need to be about twice the approximately temperature through 50 PSI added.

If the short or high pressures are off, there is a larger problem with the system.

4. Scan for problem Codes

With the OBDII port on her vehicle, you can use a password scanner to examine for DTCs. Friend can also use the code scanner to erase codes once you fix the problem.

If friend don’t have actually an engine password reader, consider stopping in ~ your regional auto parts store, whereby they can offer the service for free.

5. Test electric Connections

Take the push sensor off and test the connection heading come the sensor native the electric harness. Make sure your vital is turn on to the accessories spot.

When the electrical link is working as it should, the multimeter will read between 4.0 and also 5.0 volts.

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AC push Switch replacement Cost

The average AC push switch replacement cost is in between $50 and also $300. To to buy the AC press switch, girlfriend will likely spend in between $20 and also $100, while job can cost $30 come $200, depending on how an overwhelming it is to reach the sensors.