Note: possibly it"s taken because that granted that every little thing will it is in fine when transforming our oil and filter, however there room two an easy yet importantthings the willoccasionally create a inquiry or concern:1. There is only ONE oil drainpipe plug ~ above the engine, located near the oil pan just to the inside of the kickstand. The is a "17mm" bolt that is partly surrounded through a half-circle metal lip. It seems that Yamaha elected to place an additional bolt almost right alongside the "drain bolt" just to shot to cheat us and also keep us on ours toes. : )2. Prior to removing the oil filter, be particular that every debris has been removed from about the filter. Gravel and also dirt have a propensity tobecome wedgedaround the tiny lipthat surrounds the filter and can quickly fall right into the engine when the filter is removed. This "helpful hint" was provided by SABER4, who happens come believe..... If Yamaha assumed it was best to have actually debris loss into our engine, they would certainly have currently put it over there at the factory. : )

NOTE: concerning the appropriate OIL "LEVEL"after changingthe oil:

Check to be details that you finish up with sufficient oil where it ends up ataboutthe3/4 level as seen in the bike"s tiny tiny oil level vision window. Even if it"s at the half-way mark, it"s an extremely likely that you willdiscover the "oil level light" comes on during certain occasions while riding. If so,add just a little moreoil come raise the level up to that 3/4 note where the light must no longer be seen.

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As ahandy little tool toassist you with this, think about getting yourself a telescopic mechanic"s mirror ($5 come $7 at advance Auto Parts, etc), which have the right to makeviewing the levelfairly an easy while sit on and also strattling your bike.

Oil Filter part Numbers

These are the encourage filters for theV Star 1300:

Amsoil EAOM-103 (The only filter that filters to 15 microns absolute, 5 microns partially)Amsoil EAOM-103C (Chrome)Mobil 1 M1-108 (2.5") Can be uncovered atmany auto partsstores.K&N 147 Liked by many and also provideseasy removal through its 17mm nut on theend the the filter, i beg your pardon is very conveniently the very same size together theoil drain boltK&N204 Similar come the 147, yet made by a different manufacturer because that K&NPurolatorML16817 - their motorcycle details filter.(NOTE: Purolator verbally very adamantly declared that their 14612/10PureONE filters need to NOT be supplied in MC engines.These have actually a 99.9% filtering performance and,due come its relief valve inquiry a greater pressure thana bikes" oil pumpcan normally provide, itcould "potentially" an outcome in premature birth engine damage.

Other filters:

Kawasaki 16097-0004STP SDF13FRAM 6017AHASTINGS LF-113HI FLO HF-303Bosch 3300 (2.5 in long)WIX 51358NAPA Gold 1358PER-FORM J-503

Oil readjust Intervals

Most agree that, when an altering the oil, also adjust the filter. Why operation clean oil despite a dirty filter (duhhhh)? That would be the tantamount of pouring for your home guests some nice filtered water right into a dirty bacteria-laden glass. If you readjust the oil, also adjust the filter. Your bike will be happier and healthier as soon as doing so.

Yamaha naturally has in the owner"s manualblends of your Yamalube oil, not made by Yamaha, yet manufactured to fulfill the minimum specs they provided for their bikes.

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Oil discussions will go on forever, as such usethe brandthat suits friend best. Regardless, "generally speaking," uneven you"re speak in summer problems whereboth thedays and also evenings are an extremely warm, there will certainly be benefits found withV Star 1300 as soon as usingoil with much less than a 20w (cold/winter weight), i.e. A 20w-50. Otherwise,when the engine is cold, thatcold/winter load of 20w will not lubricate the engine together quickly, no one as successfully orefficiently together a 5w,10w orat the most a 15w(cold/winter weights) oil, i.e. A 5w-40, 10w-40 or 15w-50.And this is crucial being thatone that the times when engine wear occurs the mostis from the moment a cold engine isstarted increase untilthe engine has actually been warmed as much as its normal operating temperature.

Recommended "Motorcycle" FULL-Synthetic Oils:

Lucas-- High performance Motorcycle Oil10w40 or 10w50 Castrol -- Power RS racing 4T: 5w40; 10w40; 10w50; 20w50Shell -- Rotella T6 5w40 (not a motorcycle-specific oil, yet itproducedexcellent oil analysis reports fromboth Polaris Labs and Blackstone Labs)Motul -- 300V: 5w40; 10w40; 15w50 (Among the countless othersriders utilizing it, statue usedthis 10w40 oil for most of his 100k+ mile in his V Star 1300)Valvoline -- 10w40 (also 20w50) 4 stroke ATV (and Motorcycle) engine OilSpectro -- Platinum 4 Motorcycle Oil 10w40, 10w50, 15w50>

NON Full-Synthetics: there are many oil brands out there in ~ this category.

NOTE: regardless of oil being a full-synthetic, semi-synthetic, or a pure petroleum based oil, any type of oildisplayingalable ~ above the container saying it is"energy-conserving" shoulldNEVER it is in used. This label suggests that"friction modifiers"are included inthat oil,a BIG "no-no" because that bikes v wet clutches. Power conserving oil will cause a wetclutch come slipandgradually worsen end time.NOTE: Most"energy conserving" oil haveaviscosity the 10w30, or less.

Magnetic Oil drain Plug, offered by numerous 1300 riders, and also others: MAGNETICDRAINPLUG.COM