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If i am not mistaken, mine "07 RAV4 4wd basic I4 has a time chain, not a belt. I cannot find any type of information on when this time chain should be replaced? go anybody know? ns am currently at 86,000 miles.

I to be not conscious of any type of recommended instead of interval. There may be one at 150-200k or something. Doing not have such information, ns would tend to treat the like any type of other timing chain issue, unless I recognize there is a particular problem v the chain (i.e. Slop in time from wear) then i would change it as soon as I rebuild the engine.
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A timing chain need to last the life that the vehicle. Go 265K ~ above a Toyota pick"em up truck (22RE engine) and never bothered with it"s timing chain.

X3, timing chains are a life that the vehicle deal. Execute not mess v it unless it becomes a problem. If and when a difficulty arises, then resolve it. I have never had actually to replace one, now a timing belt is one more story.

I assumption: v if you had a high mileage engine apart because that some various other reason, the wouldn"t be a poor idea to adjust the chain while you"re in there, however I wouldn"t make a distinct trip!
^^^what lock said^^^I"ve never heard of any type of vehicle having actually a stated replacement interval for a time chain. As lengthy as you"ve used decent oil and had it adjusted at reasonable intervals, you must never need to hear the native "timing chain" from your mechanic...

I just want to thank everyone for maintaining my mind at lull on this forum. Mine buddy carried it to my attention about timing belts being replaced etc or maintain once i hit 6 digits on my odometer. I have a 2007 RAV 4 LTD V6 with 106k top top it. Therefore I uncovered this site and found out that i havea time chain and also it commonly last a lifetime of the car as lengthy as proper maintenance is kept. So there you go!his The just question though, if ns do need to replace the chain and I tho have prolonged warranty on mine vehicle, would certainly it cover the replacement of the chain? it stipulates top top the warranty the it consist of chains and also engine links does this typical it consist of it? thank you in advance!

As one aside come this thread, room the I4s and V6 interference engines...??(Will valves satisfy pistons if the chain division or leaves the sprockets...??)
As one aside come this thread, space the I4s and also V6 interference engines...??(Will valves satisfy pistons if the chain breaks or leaves the sprockets...??)
No, absolutely not. Timing belts and also interference engines fell out of donate so Toyota has phased them out over the years.

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