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Just wonder if anyone to know if the brand-new Avalon (05+ version year) has actually a time belt or timing chain because that the 3.5L V6 engine?

125 former wheel horsepower with significant retard issues in between 4500-5200RPM -OD switched off, also when not in 3rd results in significant power loss/rpm drop.
The timing belt or chain synchronizes the valves through the pistons-well hidden under the engine cover--they don"t slip, and if they execute you will certainly either barely operation or crash the valves v the piston domes. That"s why the time belt is a instead of item since a fail is catastrophic come the engine unless designed to avoid valve interference. What could squeal is her accessory belt. The belt is clearly shows from the exterior and also has no details replacement interval choose a timing belt.
although most Toyota engines room non interference, so if the timing belt division it winner cause any kind of damage, you simply won have the ability to drive until it is fixed.

Anybody understand if the timing chain is a "for life"
item or is over there a replacement interval prefer the ahead TB? :ugh3: Finally, will certainly it operation fine on consistent gas? i noticed that the brand-new Camry 3.5 will. I appreciate the info.
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LEXUSFREAK,The time chain is because that life, or till it breaks, whichever comes first.My "05 minimal runs just fine ~ above regular.

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TIming chain is for life item. It deserve to break in ~ anytime but normally girlfriend will have the ability to get 150k miles the end of it. I have seen 22r series engines cahins break v 60k miles on them and also I have actually seen them go well end 200k miles v the original chain. ~ above those engines despite it was no so lot the chain the you had to worry about as it was the guides. Once the guides rest the chain beginning slapping top top the tiing cover and make a lot of noise. Once that happens you need to gain it changed beofre that breaks because most that the tim if a chain division you space going to have catastrophic engine damage. I would assume the case will it is in the very same for the 3.5 that Toyota is utilizing in whatever now. Make sure you keep your oil changed and this will assist prolong the life the the chain.One more thing my mother had a 1979 Chevy Impala v a 350 in it when I to be kid. She sold and also it and also the following owner had actually to change the timing chain at about 300k miles as soon as it broke. Thenhe drive for another 100k miles before getting rid that it. Recently there not many civilization that even drive their vehicle to 100k miles so you have to be simply fine.