To the team the Suzuki designers responsible for the GSX-R1000, "Own The Racetrack" is not simply a slogan, that is a way of life.

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Suzuki GSRX-1000It’s a life devoted to make the most successful open-class motorcycle in the history of production-based racing also better. The crucial is the motorcycle’s capacity to do exactly what the driver wants, once the rider wants, exactly how the driver wants. Accelerate, brake, corner, repeat. Do it simpler for the rider, and the results will show.

Once again Suzuki has actually raised the level that open class sportbike performance. The 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000, it’s the factor why Suzuki riders very own The Racetrack.

The an easy architecture of the compact 999cc liquid-cooled GSX-R1000 engine is well known, a version of race-winning design: Bore and stroke of 73.4mm x 59.0mm, forged aluminum-alloy pistons with quick skirts and also cut away sides, chrome-moly stole shotpeened connecting rods, hollow double overhead cams, and also lightweight titanium valves. Add to that a close-ratio six-speed transmission through staggered infection shafts, an flexible back-torque limiting clutch and a gear driven second balancer pillar for reduced vibration.

A new more compact Suzuki dual Throttle Valve fuel injection device is in location for 2007 v 12 smaller holes instead of four for boosted fuel atomization and also because the injectors are much more compact and emit a finer spray, the secondary injectors have the right to be positioned at a steeper 30 degree angle aimed directly at the intake port for improved throttle response. Intake and also exhaust ports room re-shaped and also eight percent larger and also exhaust valves space 2mm larger (26mm vs 24mm) to work with an ext aggressive camshafts and also Iridium spark plugs are supplied for optimum combustion and also longer life. Likewise a new Idle Speed manage (ISC) system enhances cold beginning and stabilizes engine idle under various conditions and larger ventilation holes between cylinders reduces pump losses.


The Suzuki progressed Exhaust system (SAES) features equal size head pipe feeding a collector, a brief mid-pipe and a distinct under engine chamber the leads come two brief aluminum and titanium mufflers on each side. This system practically doubles exhaust interior volume when lowering the center of gravity, centralizes the mass and also improving aerodynamics. A proven Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve find a residence on the mid pipe and the combination of the Suzuki PAIR system, a catalyzer and also a oxygen sensor fitted closed loop engine management system work in associate to alleviate emissions and also improve engine efficiency.

A new larger radiator functions a trapezoidal shape frequently seen on works race bikes with virtually a ten percent rise in cooling capacity. The oil cooler is re-shaped through a third more cooling capacity and the oil pump is bigger for raised flow.

Controlling the brand-new 2007 GSX-R1000 is a brand-new engine management system v massive computing power with 4 times the capacity of the vault models. The brand-new ECM controls not just the fuel injection and exhaust systems but also make it feasible for the rider to select from 3 performance setups to complement riding conditions, making use of a three method switch mounted on the best handlebar. Engine mapping will differ for each setting and each map was developed using suffer gained structure racebike maps for rainy, mixed and dry conditions. Convert from map come map will be instantaneous do it possible for the driver to use different maps for various sections of the racetrack. A brand-new self adjusting hydraulic clutch device uses a radial master cylinder and minimizes the adjust in clutch feel over the food of lengthy races.

Taking class learned native the racetrack, the 2007 GSX-R1000 uses an all-new frame built to improve mass centralization by moving the rider towards the center of the wheelbase v a much shorter fuel tank and also moving the chair forward. The brand-new frame is engineered to supply the optimum rigidity balance for specific handling also at full lean. Created from five main aluminum alloy-castings the new frame uses much less parts and also less welding for improved accuracy and reduced weight. A new lighter and more rigid aluminum alloy swingarm find a residence under a two item subframe and features a new rear shock mounting system with a attach that pivots on the swingarm itself for boosted traction and reduced side loads.

Taking class learned indigenous the latest GSX-R600 and also GSX-R750, the brand-new GSX-R1000 likewise features 3 position adjustable footpegs because that maximum driver control and maneuverability.


New high and also low-speed compression damping adjustability is constructed into both front forks and the rear shock follow me with flexible rebound and also preload adjustments for maximum rider control. The external tubes that the former forks are now larger in diameter listed below the reduced triple clamp to improve rigidity while the DLC coated fork tubes continue to be at 43mm. Fork offset has been readjusted from 30mm to 28mm, boosting trail native 96mm to 98mm. Front wheel travel has additionally been enhanced from 120mm come 125mm.

The ’07 GSX-R1000 also benefits from brand-new front brake rotors and brake carriers. Every 310mm disc is attached to the carrier utilizing 12 floating mounts rather of 8 for improved warm transfer far from the disc.

The bowl is also slightly thinner, measuring 5.0mm vs 5.5mm for lessened weight. The behind brake is a 220mm rear disc working through a single piston caliper now mounted above the swingarm, to minimize the impact of behind suspension movement caused by braking.

Handling will likewise benefit native the use of one all-new electronically regulated steering damper. A solenoid valve operated by the engine monitoring system controls a tapered needle, increasing or reducing oil flow for enhanced or lessened damping force.

Extensive wind tunnel trial and error led to new and improved bodywork for the 2007 GSX-R1000, through an wild style and an all at once reduced frontal area for remarkable aerodynamic performance. A slightly taller windscreen also makes it simpler for the driver to tuck in ~ above the racetrack. New vertically stack headlights likewise debut on the brand-new GSX-R1000. The multi-reflector headlight has actually a brand-new simpler shape and also uses a 55w H7 halogen bulb positioned end a 70mm projector high beam.

Because whatever else is brand-new on the ’07 GSX-R1000, the instrument cluster is new as well. The new instruments encompass a action motor regulated analog tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, twin LCD tripmeters, an LCD clock, coolant temp/fuel injection readout, gear position indicator and a programmable LED engine rpm indicator light. A brand-new LCD engine mode indicator display screens which performance setting has to be selected through the rider.

The new 2007 GSX-R1000 has been occurred with great learned over an ext than 20 years of production racing domination.

It is more than simply a motorcycle. The is the most powerful and most efficient GSX-R ever built. The brand-new 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000, very own The Racetrack.



To the team the Suzuki designers responsible for the GSX-R1000, own The Racetrack is not simply a slogan, that is a method of life.

It is a life dedicated to do the many successful open-class motorcycle in the background of production-based racing also better. By using the latest an innovation and the most recent hard-fought racing experience. And keeping the GSX-R1000 fine ahead that the would-be competition.

The key is the motorcycles’ capacity to do specifically what the driver wants, once the driver wants, exactly how the driver wants. Accelerate. Brake. Corner. Repeat. Do it much easier for the rider, and also the results will show. With better lap time on the racetrack, and more fun on the road.

It is called full Performance. It is what makes the 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 the optimal Performer. And it is why Suzuki riders very own The Racetrack.

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New for 2007

EngineNew 999cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine for increased power, torque and also acceleration v forged aluminum alloy pistons, chrome-moly shotpeend connecting rods, hole camshafts, and a an additional balancer obelisk for lessened vibrationNew more compact fuel injection system features the Suzuki twin Throttle Valve device (SDTV) - with twelve smaller sized holes for boosted fuel delivery and also steeper edge for second injectorsNew intake and exhaust ports room reshaped and also eight percent larger with larger titanium exhaust valves tappets, much more aggressive camshafts, and also iridium spark plugsNew Idle Speed control (ISC) system for boosted cold starting, consistent idle quality and also reduced emissionsNew high volume Suzuki advanced Exhaust mechanism (SAES) with equal size head pipe feeding a distinctive under engine chamber resulting in two compact aluminum/titanium mufflers on every sideThe new mid-pipe includes a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) device for preferably torque throughout the rpm variety and one oxygen sensor offered by the engine administration system and an unified with the under-engine catalyzer for lessened emissionsNew larger 48mm ventilation holes in between cylinders minimize pumping losses and also the crankcase breather device now features a reed valve come prevent pressure waves in the airbox from reaching the crankcaseNew self adjusting hydraulic clutch minimzes changes in clutch feel over a lengthy raceBack-torque limiting clutch allows smooth downshifts, to add a rack and also pinion operating device provides much more positive clutch feelNew engine monitoring system is 4 time more powerful 보다 the previous system and allows the driver to select from 3 engine settings to complement riding conditions with a handlebar an installed switchNew larger radiator makes use of a trapezoidal form seen on works racebikes v 10% an ext cooling capacity. The oil cooler currently works with a bigger oil pump.

ChassisAll new aluminum alloy twin-spar frame is constructed using five castings for lightweight, unparalleled handling and performance, boosted production precision, and reduced weight.New prepare to prepare aluminum-alloy swingarm is much more rigid and also features creative new link system which pivots on the swingarm chin for raised traction and also reduced side loads.New DLC coated 43mm forks and rear shock now function high and low rate compression damping follow me with flexible rebound and also preload settingsNew forks attribute larger 56mm external tubes below the triple clamp for raised rigidity and also fork balance out is adjusted from 30mm to 28mm. Former wheel travel is likewise increased from 120mm to 125mm.New electronically regulated steering damper uses a solenoid valve to move a tapered needle reduce or enhancing oil circulation to readjust damping force.New adjustable rider footpegs can be moved into three various positions to fit rider preferencesNew 310mm prior brake discs room attached to the transport with increased mounting points because that improved warm transfer away from the disc.Rear bowl works with a single piston caliper and also is placed above the swingarm for lessened braking effect on the behind suspensionNew wind tunnel emerged bodywork attributes an aggressive brand-new style, reduced frontal area and also a taller windscreen for optimum aerodynamic peformanceNew vertically stack headlight functions an updated shape with a compact projector bulb and when linked with the sleek bodywork and tailsection offer maximum rider mobility and improved stylingA brand-new easy-to-read instrument cluster includes a action motor regulated analog tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, double tripmeters, clock, convenient gear position sensor, rpm indicator light and a brand-new LCD engine mode indicator displaying which performance setting has to be selected through the riderClose-ratio slick changing six-speed transmission with an adjustable back talk limiter for smoother downshifts.Bridgestone radial tires mounted on cast aluminum wheel featuring slim spoke design with optimized wall thickness to reduce unsprung weight



Engine: 999cc,4-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, TSCC Bore Stroke: 73.4 x 59.0mm Compression Ratio: 12.5:1 Fuel System: Fuel Injection Lubrication: Wet Sump Ignition: Digital/transistorized Transmission: 6-speed, continuous mesh Final Drive: #530 chain Overall Length: 2045mm (80.5 in) Overall Width: 720mm (28.3 in.) Overall Height: 1130mm (44.5 in.) Seat Height: 810mm (31.9 in.) Ground Clearance: 125mm (4.9 in.) Wheelbase: 1415mm (55.7 in.) Dry Weight: 172 kg (379 lbs.)


Front Suspension: turning back telescopic, coil spring, totally adjustable spring preload, high & low rate compression and also rebound damping behind Suspension: Link-type, gas/oil-damped, totally adjustable spring preload, high & low rate compression and also rebound damping

BrakesFront Brake: Dual hydraulic bowl Rear Brake: Single hydraulic disc

Front Tires: 120/70-ZR-17Rear Tires: 190/50-ZR-17 Fuel Tank Capacity: 18 liter (4.8 gal.) Color: Blue/White, Black/Orange, Yellow/Silver MSRP: $11,399

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