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I should replace both the serpentine and also power steering belts in mine 2006 Sienna XLE. Ns am struggling to find information online particular to this year and also model in the huge world that google. I was in search of diagrams and also possibly how to videos because that reference, or perhaps a repair manual. Any kind of information or leads would certainly be appreciated.

Navigate to page 19-19 because that the alternator belt instead of procedure. The pages are out the order for this reason you"ll have to scroll v them. You"ll find the procedure to readjust the PS pump belt ~ above the exact same website in a different section.
I posted on this recently. Watch the thread ns started. By "serpentine" i assume you average timing belt. Acquire the Aisin kit--I offered Amazon--and change the AC belt while you"re in there. I did the cam and crank seals too. Happy to loan the devices I to buy if you need them. Monitor the measures to the letter in the FSM, i m sorry is accessible on this website somewhere.

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I have the same exact model and also just did both critical weekend. In the repair manual there is likewise a ar on V-belt (serpentine) and also vane-belt (ps) replacement - pages 14-7 and also 14-9 ns think.Below are number of videos that will assist too.2 Suggestions:It took me a lot of of effort to gain the serpentine belt off and then the was difficult for me to acquire the new belt on...until ns poked about with my hand and realized the 12mm tension bolt (the angled bolt encountering toward the former of the car) to be what was preventing the alternator indigenous dropping down far enough to slip the new belt on. You should loosen that anxiety bolt a lot. A LOT. Ultimately the alternator will certainly drop down sufficient to give you plenty of room to on slide the belts on and also off. Simply keep loosening. A lot.The PS pivot bolt is what almost did me in. It sits right over the PS wheel (maybe in ~ 10 or 11 oclock) and if it were a cm reduced it would be impossible to gain to without acquisition off the PS pulley. A traditional 12mm socket 3/8 or 1/2 might be too short - at least for me they were because the wheel is in the way. A deep well 12mm socket (either 3/8 or 1/2) may be too lengthy (at the very least for me they were) due to the fact that there"s a sidewall the contrary the pulley and there was no room for the socket and the wrench. I had actually to go to autozone twice and their 12mm 1/2inch duralast socket was simply the best size. The 12mm 1/4 inch deep well is shorter than the 12mm 3/8in deep well socket and may occupational too however I had the ability to angle a breaker bar top top the 12mm 1/2inch socket right into the an are and break the bolt. So through the ideal size 12mm socket it"s no that an overwhelming to loosen or tighten.