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Just the various other day my strength steering go out and when i took it in because that diagnostics castle told me that the power steering motor was malfunctioning. Lock of course wanted to charge and arm and a leg so I determined to try to bespeak to part myself and also have them install to conserve some money but it would be even much better if I can install myself. Has anyone done this before? If so, can you tell offer me a failure of exactly how to execute it?thanks

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you dont need the entirety colum. Just that black motor connected to the colum. The dealership i occupational at doesnt lug the entirety colum anymore. Techs only say the totality colum therefore they can get paid more. However the dealership im at just does the engine now and i think its simply a few bolts...i havent done one in a long time due to the fact that works been slow
If you deserve to replace simply the motor, perform that. If you change the entire column, you"re gonna have actually to attend to u-joint connection down at the I-shaft. The hardest component will be transforming the motor the end without acquisition the tower out that the IP. Try to change just the motor, it"s the huge cylindrical black point to the left that the column.I architecture steering columns every day, and they are method easier to work on exterior the vehicle. However, act the engine swap should be fairly easy, other than room.
Yeah mine is going out too, if I revolve the ignition turn off then earlier on it resets it & that starts working again because that a while. It"s been going thru spurts this summer, i"ll need to turn the ignition turn off & on because that a while, climate it"ll it is in fine for a month or two. Ns wondering what the problem could be if just turning the ignition off then earlier on makes it job-related again. Is anybody else have this very same situation?
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Yeah mine is going out too, if I rotate the ignition off then earlier on it resets that & the starts working again because that a while. It"s been going thru spurts this summer, i"ll have to turn the ignition off & on for a while, then it"ll be fine because that a month or two. I wondering what the problem can be if just turning the ignition off then back on makes it work again. Is everyone else have this same situation?