hi joseph, i just spend a while looking online because that the info yet I couldn"t uncover a thing. Shot calling a pontiac dealership to check out if castle will be able to tell you whereby it is.

on most g6s there isn"t one the is probally digital steering,controlled by a electronic control motor.no liquid needed

If girlfriend are one of the unlucky couple of g6 owner its top top the earlier passenger next of the motor. Its a pain in the ass

Everyone trys to argue v me the my 08 g6 is electrical also. Till I accurate prove/ show them it has actually a fucking pump and also even leaks fluid. :0

Just found this post. Hope it"s been solved. Mine 2007 G6 GT"s (power steering) reservoir is located on the left next of the upper intake and also behind the s-belt. Her set-up can be various than mine, however I hope the helps a small in your search!

Got a 07 Pontiac g5 and got no clue where the transmission dipstick and also power steering is. Anybody please help

**06 G6 GT strength STEERING**THE V6 has actually A PUMPTHE 4 BANGER has actually THE ELECTRICIF YOU deserve to NOT discover THE lid TO fill THE G6 GT top top THE PASSENGER SIDE, ITS due to the fact that ITS top top THE DRIVER SIDE!ITS on THE BLOCK ABOUT fifty percent WAY DOWN. AND about DEAD facility FROM THE pan TO THE FIREWALL. ITS an ALL black CAP, NO DIPSTICK. The NOT difficult TO REACH. THE lid IS dealing with UP.

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It is literally straight to the left and up a little bit from the oil filler cap. It’s impossible to miss. The cap even has a steering wheel ~ above it because that Christ’s sake.

We space finding on my 2010 Pontiac G6, that it"s electrical power steering and also you can"t check the transmission liquid without jacking vehicle up and also getting under it. Recall stopped in 2009 for electrical power steering recall. I"m hearing that you need to take your auto to the mechanic to acquire these things checked and fixed, and to gain fluids in them. My auto has a lot of ice and also snow accumulation under it. My strength steering is functioning on amd off. Mine transmission appears to be jerking hard while going down the road. Looks favor it"s time for a different vehicle.

I have actually a 2009 G6 and this morning I visited the store and my strength steering irradiate on the dash board appeared and also it was hard to steer. I checked the manual and also the diagram is not even my motor. Then i got ago into my car and it was straightforward to turn, drove about a mile earlier home through no problems. Can someone let me understand what motivated the steering irradiate to come on in the first place? Is that corrected?

I have actually 2006 g6 base design 4cyl. Ideal behind the oil filter cap is a rubber plug the dimension of a baseball it"s for this reason you deserve to eyeball the amount of fluid so there is no dipstick. To the appropriate of that is a tiny black screw cap v a steering wheel top top it.. It"s staring you best in the face but took me forever to notice cause hoses space routed over peak of it.. I hope this help someone..

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I have actually A Pontiac G6 2008 my power steering goes once in a when the stairwells hard when I start it off yet if you turn the automobile off it’s fine walk that median the strength steering crate is gone it’s electric and also where is that at

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