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There"s some links on this website to the factory company manual that you have the right to download because that free, it will walk you through the diagnostic steps for that code.Also in the future you can use the diagnostic setting selector screw on the ECU to speed the codes on her dash, no OBDII password reader essential for your Pathfinder.

So walk this typical that just one sensor requirements to be replaced? cos I"m seeing 4 various code numbers.Thanks a lot guys. Please reply quickly as I"m acquisition it morning morning back to the dealership.
So go this mean that just one sensor needs to be replaced? cos I"m seeing 4 different code numbers.Thanks a many guys. Please reply quickly as I"m taking it morning morning earlier to the dealership.
try resetting the codes and also see which persons come back. Climate you have the right to fix the problems to every the codes that return.

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They reset the codes for me, but the SES light came ago immediately once I began the engine.What go the number under TIME mean? The code P0141 has actually time = 2 while the rest are = 0.Any information would be greately appreciated.Thanks.
There room three differant codes; the numbers to the appropriate of the codes room "incident numbers." An event code of "0" way that the trouble that motivated the code is current; an occurrence code that "2" method that the trouble that triggered that particular code occurred two trip cycles ago. When looking at the O2 sensor codes, you watch "HO2S1 HTR (B1) " HO2=Heated Oxygen SensorHTR= Heater circuitS1= Sensor 1, or "upstream oxygen sensor" (aka front O2 sensor)(S2 would mean "downstream" or behind O2 sensor)B1= financial institution #1, or the cylinder financial institution of the engine that contains #1 cylinder. In her case, it refers to the appropriate side or passenger next (US models).(B2=Bank #2, or the cylinder bank of the engine that starts v #2 cylinder. In your case, the left cylinder bank).PO135=Diagnostic trouble code #What"s interesting is the they are all heater circuit codes. Heated oxygen sensors have a built in heater facet to heat up the oxygen sensor. The heater circuits room all fed power via the same 10 amp fuse in the fuse panel and each heater has actually it"s own ground side circuit come the ECM. The ECM, utilizing the video camer position sensor together referance, grounds the circuits to switch the heaters "on" and also "off." The heaters room turned "on" listed below at engine speeds below 3200RPM. The engineers style the mechanism to promote much more accurate readings from the sensors to get much more precise fuel management.It"s not unusual for an O2 sensor heater facet to break and require instead of of the O2 sensor. The truth that you have actually three differant O2 sensors that triggered heater password at virtually the exact same time would certainly lead me to believe that the problem is no the sensors. Her sensors that have triggered codes room as follows:Both front and rear oxygen sensors on financial institution #1 (right side of vehicle).The front oxygen sensor on financial institution #2 (left next of vehicle).The first thing ns would do is look at what they have actually in common: the 10 amp fuse. So, examine the fuse and also make certain it has power to and also through it and also make sure it"s steady in place.Another examine you deserve to do is to check out if that strength is obtaining from the fuse come the sensors. Unplug all of the sensors. Turn crucial "on" through the engine no running, and you should have 12 volts to every of the sensors (on the front sensors, it will be at pin "3").If you desire to execute a componant check of the sensors, you"ll need a multimeter or ohmmeter. For the former sensors, unplug them and check the resistance the pins #1 & #3 (pin #2 is the one in the middle). It must read 2.3 to 4.3 Ohms at 77 degrees F. Examine continuity in between terminals 2 and also 1, 3 and also 2. Continuity should not exist. If NG, change the former heated oxygen sensor.If the componant exam are an excellent and there is power to every one of the sensors native the fuse, climate the problem lies on the soil circuit in between the sensors (pin #1 ~ above the prior sensors)and the ECM harness connector or a failed driver in ~ the ECM itself. One would need to do resistance test on the ground next circuit of the O2 heaters to the ECM harness connector to confirm. If you wish to shot this yourself and also get this far, e-mail me in ~ for more info. Great luck!