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I originally had actually run flats with my 04 Minis Cooper S however was wondering if there is a ar for one emergency preventive tire? i can"t it seems ~ to find a possible location.
Hello...MINI not fit spares together standard, yet you deserve to retro fit one - i did it and its really easy. If you usage the forum search and also enter "spare wheel", over there is a an excellent post of specifically how execute do it and what friend need. The components are a little pricey, yet check ebay etc and you may get them cheaper. I think a spare is crucial for peace of psychic if nothing rather !good luck

Here is a connect to the short article mentioned: as you have actually a Mini Cooper S v twin rear exhaust boxes and battery in the boot/trunk there is no an are for the Mini Cooper/One spacesaver spare countless S owners lug the spacesaver in the boot/trunk if required.

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Hello...MINI dont fit spares together standard, however you have the right to retro to the right one - ns did it and its yes, really easy. If you use the forum search and also enter "spare wheel", there is a good post of specifically how do do it and what you need. The components are a little pricey, but check ebay etc and you may acquire them cheaper. I think a preventive is important for tranquility of mental if nothing else !good luck
I gather its wherein you will put it ~ above a Cooper S as relying on the exhaust mechanism fitted can prevent that going under the car, and also putting it inside will use up many of your luggage area?You could put on in a height box on the roof but that no do lot for her mpg either.
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