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So a pair weeks back my van shut off, I went to the shut turn off switch and also it to be tripped for some reason, i reset it and also nothing occurred then ns wiggled the connector on the bottom the it and it began up and also it was just fine until tonight my van died and also wouldn"t restart. Ns pulled the plug off the bottom and also it"s cracked and looked a tiny burnt choose it shorted out or something. Tommorow is sunday and ford will be closed and I gotta gain to work on monday morning at an early stage so ns was curious if anyone has ever bypassed this stuipid point or has any type of ideas on a settle until i can do that right when I have actually time?Thanks
ford put those points in the stupidest mightve gotten kicked and caused it to brief could just require a new connector
I experiment the switch and also it"s no getting any flow of electricity at all even when it"s reset so I simply crossed the wires with an inline fuse and also it runs just fine now. I called around and also the move itself for a universal one thats not also factory price a hundred huge ones
There need to be miscellaneous in the air, I have actually a basic 2004 B2300, and the same thing has happened, twice, in 3 days. I"ve yet to inspect my wires, but I wonder if this module it s okay kicked by a passenger if that will cut flow come the pump. I was just about to replace my fuel pump, and also then believed that 6 year is a pretty quick life for a fuelpump. Prior to replacing the pump, I thought I"d check the switch again also though ns was certain I had actually done the previously when the truck was stuck by the next of the road yesterday, and it fired best up, and I heard the "whirrrrr" the the pump pressurizing.What amperage that fuse did girlfriend use as soon as you bypassed the switch? ns was reasoning of simply wiring that across.What seems to it is in the life expectations of the fuel pumps in this trucks anyway?
You can cut the switch out of the circuit if you want to, however I wouldn"t imply it. Its just there in case of an accident, yet it is not crucial for your vehicle to function.
There is two wires coming out from the optimal of the switch box. I took those two wires and spliced lock together and also i have had actually no problems because I have done that.
There is 2 wires coming out from the height of the switch box. I took those two wires and also spliced castle together and i have had no problems since I have actually done that.

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That"s what I"m gonna execute if my warranty won"t cover it. The switch for a manufacturing facility one is 115.00 and also the pig tail is 50.00 from ford. The parts guy said there wasn"t a recall top top the wiring or switches because that the 2005"s yet he claimed that it isn"t the an initial time he"s heard of it happening on newer rangers
I have a 98 expo v an undamaged switch. Through wiring pigtail. If interested pm and also I will obtain you pics and a price.

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