Replace a PCV Valve top top a 2005 to 2009 Chevy Equinox or 2006 come 2009 Pontiac Torrent v the 3.4 Liter V 6

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If her Equinox or Torrent is burning oil and also you doubt the PCV or positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve, girlfriend probably know this part is riveted come the valve cover. This sheathe is no going to be easy to find unless you walk to the dealer. Although girlfriend can gain these used for $40 after girlfriend pay some shipping, this means they come off a failed engine. You also have to remove this cover and also make sure it doesn"t leak. It isn"t a most work, but it"s more than it need to be for regime maintenance. Here"s exactly how to change the valve and fix this problem once and for all.== actions ==# go to any auto components store and also get a PCV valve for around $3 to $6. You might want to purchase a grommet for this auto if you reduced the old one. If you"re careful, girlfriend won"t need it.# You"re going to require a flathead screwdriver, a tiny ball pien hammer, a pair of groove joint pliers, a small flat pry bar and also possibly a tiny cold chisel.# raise the hood and remove the engine undercover. This is done by removing the oil cap, disconnecting the wiring exploit from the EGR valve alongside the alternator and also lifting the cover off. The PCV valve is ~ above the prior valve cover next to the oil filler. It is held in place with a bracket v two nails, once on each side.# usage your flatbar and and rod the 90 level end under the bracket nearby to among the nails and gently madness this v the hammer. This is much more about finesse 보다 force, so usage just sufficient to ease the pond from the valve cover. Girlfriend can additionally use the groove share pliers to pull the bracket off when you get one the the pond loosened. You carry out not need to remove the valve covering to acquire this bracket off.# as soon as the clip is off, you can go ahead and also throw this in the trash. The old PCV valve will most likely be bending up taking the clip off, for this reason this is a good time to change it. The grommet alone will organize the valve in place simply fine, therefore there"s no need to shot and install screws to the bracket or try and conserve it at all. Simply replace or clean the valve as needed, there is no replacing the valve cover.== advice ==* Remember, it doesn"t take much force to traction the pond out.== Warnings ==* Aluminum is soft and also you deserve to break an expensive valve cover and sideline your automobile if you"re not careful. Take time and also do this right.* The canister purge valve on the entry manifold is breakable and around $30 come $40 if you break it.

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Be careful when placing the engine undercover ago on. Other than protecting this part, it really is much more for decoration 보다 anything else.