This is a quick picture guide on exactly how to readjust the transmission liquid in a Toyota Sienna. This will certainly go end the traditional drain and fill procedure to flush the ATF in the transmission.

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Things to Know prior to You Start

Before beginning, that is fair to point out that follow to the Sienna owner’s manual, under common driving conditions, that is not vital to replace the automatically transmission liquid (ATF)…at all. It even says therefore on the ATF dipstick.


Of course, this begs the question, what room ‘normal driving conditions’?

Maybe the is simpler to define abnormal driving conditions… these would include driving that is an especially hard ~ above a transmission, together as frequently driving in like the mountain terrain, towing hefty loads, or security inordinate quantities of time in stop and go traffic. These sorts of conditions cause extra wear and tear on the internal materials of the transmission and also the tiny bits of material that room worn off finish up in the infection fluid. When you check the ATF level and condition, if you see an extremely dark liquid or small bits floating in the fluid, it is most likely a good time because that a change.

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Another thing to cite is the this drain and fill will not remove all of the ATF from the system. In fact, much less than half will drainpipe out. So because that a more complete flush, you may need come repeat this process after steering the vehicle about 100-200 mile or so. In this way, the is not a true do the washing up (which Toyota discourages), fairly it continually dilutes the ATF through fresh fluid, so that after 2-3 drain and also fills, the is greatly fresh fluid.

Okay, therefore let’s assume you have actually checked her ATF level and condition, and also determined that the fluid should be changed. It s okay then, let’s get started!

Tools and supplies needed:

rag because that wiping up

Drain and Fill Procedure for a Sienna

These space the actions that will certainly be spanned in this picture guide:

Warm increase the vehicle for at the very least 15 minutes.Turn turn off the vehicle.Allow the ATF to drainpipe into the drainpipe pan.Pop the hood and remove the dipstick.Replace the dipstick.

Detailed Step-by-Step ATF Replacement

The very first step is to perform some ready work. It have the right to be comfortable to know specifically how much fluid you end up draining indigenous the transmission, so the you know specifically how lot you need to add. If you have a nice graduated container of part sort, usage that. If not, you deserve to make your own with a gallon ice-cream bucket or milk jug. To fill it v a quart at a time, then mark the side of it v a Sharpie.


Also, before you drain any fluid, make sure you have the exactly amount that fresh fluid on-hand. It will certainly take about 3 1/2 to 4 quarts. At the moment of this writing, a instance of 6 qts expense the exact same as 4 separation, personal, instance qts, so the is what i bought.

Okay, as soon as you have the supplies, we’re all set to relocate on to the next step, i beg your pardon is to obtain the car warmed up and the transmission liquid well-mixed. So take it for a drive of at the very least 15-20 minutes or so, making certain to go through all of the gears, consisting of reverse. Then, park the auto on a level surface, rotate it off, and set the parking brake.

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Next, crawl underneath the front end of the vehicle and also locate the transmission fluid pan, shown in the complying with photos, and also find the drain port. It has a 10 mm hex plug, together shown.