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Yes,they stink come do, i have actually done three of lock ,the 3rd one to be not any type of nicer climate the an initial one ,very tight on the front of the engine over there is just no room

I"m top top my fourth one. My mechanic speak me the is a terribly an overwhelming job due to the fact that it is very, very tight in the engine compartment whereby it is located. Since it is so job intensive, the is quite expensive. Also, if you are going at any speed if/when the belt breaks, you have the right to really screw up the engine. Fortunately, that hasn"t taken place to me.

Just adjusted mine a mainly or therefore ago. Obtained 181,000 plus miles on the initial belt. Correct its tight. Once you adjust it get the kit and adjust the water pump while her there.

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Wow! That"s an awful many mileage on one time belt! You are so lucky. Ns think 60,000 to 80,000 mile is around what friend can obtain out the them. I simply replaced mine again in ~ 207,000. Ns think it"s the second or 3rd time I"ve replaced it. And yes, every time, it"s a an excellent idea to readjust the water pump, together well.

i acquired 128,000 on mine 2005 PT prior to belt broke....I was at an idle as soon as it happened ...should have adjusted it together recommended...had to have actually bent valves operated on...including water pump..spent $1900 total....don"t wait also long..

i have actually a 2008 turbo convertible v 75000 miles. No timing belt problems of any type -- climate again, there"s not suppsed come be in ~ this have the right to search for the "continual car" blog for every details of everything i"ve had actually to right and wrong with this car.

I am having my time belt changed as i speak,in mine 05 PT Cruiser,at 131,000 miles...The problem is the belt desires to slip...Worst work an are ever...Whose dumb a** idea to be it to placed these cars with each other this way.Really a crappy tiny under the hood experience...Not sure what the difficulty is,the water pump has been changed to.My friend said dynamite....Hmmmm...

I have actually a 97 3000GT SL and just had actually the time belt/tensioner/water pump done at 118k miles the shop time was 5.5 hours. Ns bought the complete kit. Therefore it was $500 every little thing complete. A Mitsubishi dealer will certainly charge $1500. I would simply as soon be shoot dead as ever have a dealer execute anything to mine cars, period!

Was just the parts kit $500.00or was the for the totality job?On a most t belt jobs$1500.00 is no out that the realm of possibility.I newly priced out a t belt job on one Audi A4 cabrio v a 3.0 l v 6 and also it to be a little over 1600.00 for parts and also labor.Most of this cars nowadays room interference engines,cheeping the end on a t belt project can result in a catastrophe the can cost a LOT an ext than the $1500.00 the dealer quoted"s yes to it is in a DIY type of guy,but recognize your limitations.Most Misubishi commodities that ns have functioned on space pretty miserable things under the hood,especially the V6 engines.A many t belts call for special tools and proper steps for tensioning the belt correctly,one goof and there goes all of that money saved.

Help! I"m a girl that is serious ocnsidering an altering her time belt on her 05 pt cruiser. Its just got about 106,000 miles, yet i deserve to hear the belt everytime i turn on mine car. I have had approximates price the parts and also labor indigenous 800-1300. Thats simply too much for me right now. Have to i even try to effort to execute it myself?? i don"t understand just how its therefore expensive, as soon as the kit itself is just 150.00. Suggestions?

Are you sure it"s the T belt you room hearing? The P/S reservoir on this are provided for the screens clogging and making a whining noise,similar come a poor bearing.

garageman i can"t it is in 100 percent sure. I don"t have one of those scanner thingys and also places charge alot come diagnose your car. Everyone that listens come my automobile says the the belt?

You do not need a scanner for diagnosing noise complaints,a an excellent dose of common sense will work wonders,there seems to it is in a shortage of the going around.Competence in auto fix is no costly,it"s priceless! Think around that.

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How perform I know what sound a time belt makes? many thanks for all the help, ns think I"m walking to shot and adjust it myself. Wish me luck!

Do not take this the wrong method but,if you have actually never done this type of work and also do not have any of the special tools for this project ,shut the hood and have a professional shop perform the job.I am no kidding ~ above this.I have thirty-six years suffer as a expert mechanic.What i am telling you is as much as timing belts walk on a range of one come ten this belt task is an eight in difficultyVery tight working space,you space going to need a puller designed because that Chrysler crank pulleys and also an installer also certain for this job.Being a twin cam you are also going to need a jig to store the cams to adjust while placing the new belt on.You have the right to go ahead and also do it but if you have never excellent this kind of work prior to I will certainly not encourage you,you might create more problems than the money you room trying come save.When I have actually done these in theist I have actually a jig that I created locking the cams together,and it entails pulling the valve covering which involves pulling the top intake plenum.most of this the valve covering is leaking any means so the gasket it s okay renewed.Get a shop manual and be all set is what ns am informing you.