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I"ve got a 2005 Dodge lamb 1500 ST and I can"t get the chair belt chime come shut turn off per the owner"s manual. I"ve tried adhering to the instructions come disable the chime but it doesn"t closeup of the door up till the chair belt is fastened. What am i doing wrong through the disable chime procedure? I know it have the right to be done however I have to be absent a step, etc. I always use mine seat belt yet I don"t desire the chime, it"s a 2 door so I understand it should be able to be disabled.
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Looking to perform this very same thing in my 07...I dont have an owners manual and also had no clue that you can shut that off. Please let me know anything you discover out...trying come find much more information ~ above this together well. The chime is stroked nerves if ns am simply running a pair blocks....the darn thing just wont quit!! hah

I didn"t examine in my owners manual but here is exactly how I go mine.Get in truck, turn crucial to the on position(do not turn truck on)Buckle seatbelt(wait because that light to revolve off)Unbuckle and buckle her seatbelt 3 times(ending in the buckled position)Turn your truck come the off position and also voila! I have actually a 2005 and that functioned for me. Ns hope girlfriend can figure it out!

Finaly obtained the chime come disable, i tried the procedure lot of times and it lastly worked, I gained the solitary chime. I had the door closed, ns didn"t begin the truck, heres the an easy procedure ns did. Ns don"t understand why it ultimately worked however i"m glad it did. There room times once you have actually the belt off, relocating cars in the driveway, slow speed creeping turn off road, however I always wear it on the road once driving.1) Buckle her seat
belt2) rotate the vital to the top top position3) after seatbelt irradiate goes off, Unbuckle and also Buckle 3 times ending in the Buckled position.4) rotate the crucial off.5) A chime will suggest success Wait because that the chime prior to you turn off the key!
2014 lamb 1500 "Sport"Express 5.7L Quad Cab 4 X 4 fire Red2010 dodge Challenger R/T Furious Fuchsia 6 speed2016 Jeep Rubicon 4 X 4 Firecracker Red2017 Z51 Corvette Stingray

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i used to do that... I additionally had a pair close calls runnin under dirt roads choose that and also coming on come pavement and seeing mr hi po seafaring along and have to gain belt earlier on before spotted.

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