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I have a 2005 chevy silverado 1500 , 5.3 ns was on my means home indigenous work and my inspect engine light popped on therefore i acquired it confirm out and its the punch sensor , how tough is it come replace?, i have quite a little bit of mechanics capacity would it be something i could prolly do on my very own ? any aid would it is in a thanks
2005 Chevy Silverado LS 5.3/ K.N cold wait intake / jet preformance thottle human body spacer/ phase 2 jet preformance chip/ 3 customs rough country suspension lift/ 17 customs Mickey Thompson standard lock/ 285.70.R17 wild nation MTX/ true duel cat ago 3inch exhaust/ prior custom press bar/ custom roll bar/ 2 10 customs aq subs in custom box/ custom center console/ much more to come hopfully
I had actually the exact same question.... Yet I have actually a 2000 v the 5.3L on mine engine they space on the height of the engine best under the entry manifold. Supposedly we have to take remove all the wires indigenous the optimal of the engine ( engine wiring harness ) v the relations for the injectors and also coil packs, remove the fuel rails from the peak of the engine and also then pull the intake manifold off to obtain to them.I have never done this before but will certainly love to perform it working through someone who knows what they are doing.I do know that if you perform this, you need to replace the input manifold gaskets and the bolts for the intake manifold need to be torqued in inch pounds come the correct spec.The parts needed:knock sensor x 2 ( there are 2 of them there )
$80-$120 eachenough time to execute it (half day/ complete day/ 2 days) if you have actually never excellent it before.Torque wrench in inch pounds

that really sucks lol i just need come come up through the money to perform it lol ... However thanks i knew naught bout them
2005 Chevy Silverado LS 5.3/ K.N cold wait intake / jet preformance thottle body spacer/ phase 2 jet preformance chip/ 3 customs rough nation suspension lift/ 17 customs Mickey Thompson classic lock/ 285.70.R17 wild country MTX/ true duel cat back 3inch exhaust/ former custom push bar/ practice roll bar/ 2 10 inch aq subs in custom box/ custom facility console/ much more to come hopfully
I recognize I to be hoping the was much easier myself..... And the wires that connect to the hit sensors are really fragil, there is almost nothing to grab them with ( like 2 loosened wires ) therefore you need to be mindful not to rest them.
Well, my knock sensors started working regular again.... The password did not come up, yet now its telling me that I must replace mine o2 sensor..... Go figure.

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Just did mine now on my 2003 5.3. I got the great Felpro gaskets, black Permatex (GM approved) and the two sensors at AZ for roughly $175.00. The password P0332 has been up for 2 weeks now after ns cleared it 3 times. Ns was a tiny leary bout doing that myself however did it anyway and also it wasn"t negative at all. Simply needed the old ladies assist twice, as soon as to organize the cable loom back for removed of manifold, and also once because that installation that manifold.You can take the totality intake assembly the end at one time. Every you need to do is remove the intake pipe from waiting box, injector harnesses at all the injectors, the throttle body pigtail, hit sensor pigtail, alternator pigtail, MAP sensor pigtail, Evap solenoid pigtail, then press in top top the white circle clip to release the solenoid, and the fuel lines. Undo all the loom attachments and also circle clips. Then the two small coolant lines under throttle body (pinch the hose on the right, Passenger side). Drown the 10 entry manifold bolts. Have actually a buddy or tie the main wire loom out to the left (drivers side). Then pull up and carefully traction the intake towards you. If pulling out have actually your buddy line the difficult plastic evap solenoid line v the manifold. And there you have it.Upon taking the cover off my behind knock sensor over there was about two inch of standing water in the bore. I push washed mine engine to remove a rats nest. Take the end the hit sensor plugs, you sqeeze the wide side and also pull as much as release. The TSB says to dam the rear sensor with RTV leaving the earlier open. It is pretty much whatever in a nutshell. Would of taken pictures yet it gift 20 levels outside ns tried to hurry. Five the premium Felpro gaskets ns bought had actually gasket hold shoulders developed in come sit on the head bolts, wow those were great! Definetly worth the extra money. I used environment-friendly scotch brite come clean increase intake side and head next of gasket surfaces.Tools: 1/4 in drive tools, 1/4 in journey extentions, 22MM socket (knock sensors), level head, pick (removing pigtail connectors), ns beileve 5/16 fuel line disconnect tool, lot of of carbohydrate clean come clean intake and heads, scotch pads, black GM authorized RTV.