how to repair a 2004-2010 Toyota Sienna strength Sliding Door that will certainly not open up or close utilizing the far

My 2004 Toyota Sienna’s door would certainly not open or close once I provided the remote or the within buttons. It would only work when ns pulled the handle. Right here is a break down of the symptoms i was having actually with mine 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE:

The best sliding door would not open up or near if I offered the keychain far (you can hear it try but the door wouldn’t ever unlatch)The right sliding door would not open up or near if i used the push button on the ceiling in between the driver and passenger’s seat or the push button on the door post in former of the door (it would certainly be apparent that it was trying to open and would move a millimeter or so but that’s it)The ideal sliding door would operate correctly if girlfriend physically traction the exterior or inside handlesThe slide door lock relax motor was acquiring 12 volts when I tried come remotely open up the door
All the this is pointing come the motor inside the door that essentially “pulls the handle” for you when you remotely open the door. Here’s a video of me demonstrating the problem:
How to fix 2004-2010 Toyota Sienna slide Door will certainly Not open up or Close with The Remote-How to replace the on slide Door Lock release Motor Assy

Hardware/Parts Needed:

2004-2010 Toyota Sienna XLE through at the very least one power sliding side door

Tools Needed:

Important Note: I’m borrowing several of these images from an additional repair i did on mine van:How to replace the strength Sliding Door Cables ~ above a 2004-2010 Toyota SiennaTherefore, some of these images will it is in from the left door and also some that them will certainly be indigenous the ideal door. The two doors are simply mirror pictures of one an additional though. If the cables on your door fray or the door gets stuck half way open come earlier to the link above to read just how you can do the repair yourself.

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A native of Encouragement

If you are wondering if you have the right to do this repair, please examine some of this comments I’ve received from readers who supplied this overview to solve their Sienna:

This guide was the finest written auto repair the I’ve ever before seen. Reflecting me exactly how to take everything apart step by step, exactly how to troubleshoot the motor to make sure I was resolving the appropriate thing, plus all of the tips and tricks for how to avoid dropping the bolts into the home window were fantastic. No to mention embedded web links in the guide to take it me directly to the right components to order from Toyota. Say thanks to you for putting this much time and effort right into sharing her knowledge. You conserved me hours of frustration and hundreds that dollars. –Frank P.

Thank you because that an awesome guide. Ns tinker with repairs all the moment in a search to save money, and also this can have to be the clearest overview I’ve ever before used to do a repair. Those coming right here wondering if they deserve to do this: have actually no fear! –Justin

Thanks so lot for this posting! excellent write up and pictures. You saved me hrs of frustration and hundreds of dollars! ns just readjusted both sliding door lock instrument on mine Sienna. First door took me a few hours due to the fact that of the screws that organized in the door lock motor were stubborn. Finished up making use of your dremel trick. My 2nd door walk smoothly, only took me one hour or so. Thx again. –Matt

Repair Outline

Click ~ above the links to jump under to the steps:

Repair Steps

Step 1: eliminate the “Slide Door window Garnish.”

This is the black plastic item that wraps the lower rear corner of the window opening. If you room looking in ~ the shop manual picture below that is a little bit misleading due to the fact that the image displayed is the watch from the exterior with the window removed and in your situation the home window will totally cover the up. If you don’t remove this corner piece girlfriend cannot eliminate the plastic cover from the within of the door. Reduced the home window as far down together it will go and also pry the end the facility of the plastic plug in the center of the clip and then the whole clip will come out–make sure not to shed the center of the clip.

Slide door home window garnish as watched in the shop hand-operated (shown as the left door view)

Left Door: ar of the on slide door home window garnish
This piece is held in location by a two-piece plug. An initial use a thin flat screwdriver to lift the end the facility of the plug as checked out below:

Left Door: on slide door home window garnish plug unsnapped

Once you have popped the end the center of the plug as seen over then you deserve to take a flat head screwdriver and also pull the plug fully out. Here’s what the plug watch like once you take it it out:

Slide door home window garnish plug removed

Once you have the plug gotten rid of you have the right to pull off the home window garnish by getting your fingers under the inside edge and pulling in the direction of the home window opening as seen below:

Left Door: remove the on slide door home window garnish

One thing to keep in mind is that there are two metal clips that are an alleged to remain on the plastic home window garnish however may remain on the door or autumn off. Location the clips ago on the garnish as seen below:

Clip ar on the on slide door window garnish

One the the clips continued to be on the door as seen here:

Left Door: This clip stayed on the door

Put the clips ago on the plastic trim appropriate away so girlfriend don’t loosened them however make sure the tab is oriented top top the right side (one next is meant to it is in clipped ~ above the plastic and also one side is make to it is in clipped ~ above the steel door body) prefer this:

Clip orientation

Step 2: remove the “Side Trim board Cover.”

This is the plastic piece that surrounding the within door manage as checked out in the chart below:

Side trim plank cover (i.e. The plastic that goes about the inside door manage and window switch)

There are 2 screws ~ above the front leaf of the door for this reason you MUST be able to gain the door open up to eliminate it. At very first I was not able to acquire my door opened however by playing roughly with pulling the manage on the inside while pushing out on the door (front and ago of door) i was able to acquire it to open.

Left Door: Screw places on the side trim board cover

Once you’ve removed the 2 screws you can pop the cover off by pulling toward the within of the automobile at the location shown below (left door):


Important:  Don’t traction this plastic cover far from the door forcefully. The window switch is maintained by the electrical wiring. Simply remove the move from the cover by removed the two phillips head screws. Reinstall the screws into the trim plank cover therefore you deserve to keep monitor of them. You need the switch afterwards in the repair due to the fact that you cannot run the home window without the on slide door’s switch set up (not also by utilizing the driver’s door switch). Right here are the move screw locations:

Left Door: remove the two screws native the home window switch

Note: At some allude you will either desire to disconnect the hopeful battery terminal from her battery or just put the sliding doors in hand-operated mode therefore you deserve to manually open and also close your sliding door as required to finish the repair. The switch to put the sliding doors in manual mode is located at the left knee that the driver:

Sliding door manual button (in manual mode–pushed in)

Step 3: remove the behind (side) Door Trim board Sub-Assembly.

This is the key plastic panel on the within of the door:

Left Door: The side door trim plank sub-assembly and the one screw top top the lower edge towards the rear of the van

Important: there is one phillips/hex-head screw at the really bottom rear corner of the trim that must be removed before prying the trim lose. It has actually a 8-mm seed head ~ above it. I indicate using a socket to eliminate it. I an initial tried making use of my trusty brief phillips screw driver however I wasn’t able to put enough force ~ above the pointer to acquire it come budge. I’d usage a socket and ratchet if i were you.

Right Door: The solitary screw top top the side door panel situated on the reduced rear edge, as viewed from floor level through the door open

Here is the diagram of the clips (indicated by dotted triangles):

Left Door: next door trim board sub-assembly clip diagram (note: this diagram is because that the left door)

The an initial time ns did this repair i wrapped a huge flat driver with electric tape and also used it to pry up the panel, functioning my means around the edge. As soon as all 9 clips room freed climate you will certainly lift increase the panel and also it will certainly lift up and out (it “hangs” from the top). Note: if her van has actually the built-in home window shades you don’t should mess v them, they come off with the plastic assembly, all in one piece. You can additionally pop the inside door panel complimentary by pulling ~ above the cup holder prefer I walk the second time ns did this fix as viewed below:

Right Door: Popping the panel totally free by pulling ~ above the cup holder

Then i pulled here on the front sheet of the inner door panel:

Left door: Popping cost-free the behind edge the the inner panel

Here’s the panel removed:

Right door: inner panel removed

Step 4: locate the slide door lock release motor assembly.

It is located below and also toward the rear of the auto from the within door handle and also is circled in red below:

Right door: location of the slide door lock relax motor assembly
Right door: diagram and location the door lock relax motor assembly

Step 5: Troubleshooting the on slide door lock relax motor assembly.

Here ns am activating the door latch through the keychain remote:

At this suggest I wanted to know the the engine was gaining power. So ns disconnected the connector and hooked my multimeter as much as the van next of the connector and also pressed the remote button. It was obtaining 12 volts simply fine. Here is a video of me trial and error it:

So, due to the fact that the engine was getting power I established that the motor was bad. I then searched for where you unbolt the engine assembly and also was a little surprised that the top of the screws room on the ago side (inside the door)! Ugh. Which Toyota Engineers–don’t girlfriend think that the repair man ever?!?! right here is a snapshot of the 2 bolt end poking with the exterior of the part:

Bolt areas (these space the end sticking out on the side we can conveniently get to)

So we room going to must unbolt the panel the holds all the door and home window controls. The difficulty is the the window is linked to this panel. If you don’t unbolt the home window you’ll it is in lifting increase the entire home window with this panel and could damages it. Ns didn’t desire to comletely remove the entire window, due to the fact that that is really overkill because that this fix so i opted to go one more route–simply unbolting the window and climate taping that in the up position and also out the the way. Here’s exactly how I walk it…

Step 6: Unbolt the window.

Remove the two plastic plugs the cover the access holes. You have the right to pull them out with her fingers:

Right Door: window bolt accessibility hole plug locations
Window access hole plugs removed

Now change the window height so you have actually the home window bolts focused on the holes:

You deserve to line increase the window bolts v the holes for much much easier removal

If you disconnected the home window switch climate you’ll should re-attached it to the wiring so you have the right to roll the home window down. I tried rolling down the window with the driver’s door switch however the window will not run without the door’s move installed:

Power window switch

Caution: Be mindful not come drop the bolts down into the door when you are removing them!! When i did this recent repair I came up v a trick to help keep native dropping the bolts down into the door. The cheat is to placed some ice cream up end the edge of her socket so that the socket hole is smaller and the head the the bolt fits tightly into the socket:

Put ice up and over the edge of your socket to retain the bolt when it is loose

With the ice cream on the socket you’ll have to push more difficult to obtain the socket come fit end the bolt, yet this is good:

10mm socket on one of the two home window bolts

The ice worked an excellent to retain the bolt when it was loose:

The trick functioned nicely

Step 7: ice the window up and out of her way.

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Once you have actually removed the two bolts girlfriend can closely lift the window up (with the door open up reach one hand inside and one outside) and I supplied packing tape come tape it all the way up in ~ the top:

A single piece of packing tape hosted the window up nicely

Step 8: Remove the bolts from the black internal access panel (technically called the “attachment panel”).

This will offer you access so you have the right to unbolt the on slide door lock relax motor assembly. When I walk to carry out this on my best door there were just 7 bolts, 2 of i beg your pardon were associated to grounds. Perform NOT remove any of the bolts ~ above the within of the pan, just the ones around the leaf as viewed in the diagram:

Bolt places of the internal accessibility panel–note this is for the left door

Left Door: 9 bolt locations on the internal accessibility panel

My door was lacking some that those bolts, i think I had 7 this last time i tore into this door