Heater blower working only after hitting the dash. But finally quit. Fuse because that Hvac is good. Acquired any an excellent ideas, wherein next? Blower resistors or blower motor? Seen favor a usual problem.

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the sounds prefer the blower motor has actually gone out however to be sure here is a overview that will show you exactly how to test for power and ground in ~ the blower motor and also how to change it.https://www.dearteassociazione.org/articles/blower-fan-motor-works-on-high-speed-onlyPlease permit us know if you require anything rather to get the problem fixed.Cheers

A few months ago my blower for my a/c started to just turn on as soon as I would hit a bang or travel over 60 mph. Currently it will certainly not turn on in ~ all. Also, before every one of this started, there was a revolution noise coming from the passenger next of my car that would come on and also off once I struggle a bump. That would continue to be on even when i turned the auto off. However, this revolution noise stopped once I started having actually the a/c issue. Is this an electric problem? Is the expensive to fix?

carry out you have an Auto Temp manage system?You go say the there was a duration when it would certainly still run with the crucial OFF, right?

Hisounds favor it could be a blower engine going out/worn out. Carry out you do any type of work ~ above cars you yourself or family?

The static noise is what stayed on v the car off, not the a/c. No there is no auto temp control. The static noise could have nothing to do with the a/c problem. I simply thought it could be helpful.
Blower is on pass side under dash examine the wiring for melt/burn/corrosion and if ok check plug for voltage and if ok test blower by removing and applying 12 volts native battery.
Heater problem2004 Pontiac cool Prix 6 cyl automatically 103000 milesI live in wyoming and also the winters are an extremely cold about here. Ns drive a 2004 grand prix gt. Ns went and also washed mine car and also it to be probley in the 20 degree variety outside. Maybe an hour or therefore after i washed it mine heater every the suddenly wouldnt come on. It wouldnt blow any type of hot waiting or any kind of air at all for the matter. Can my blower engine be frozen increase from washing my vehicle in together cold weather? Or might it be a fuse? ns need assist
uncover the blower motor -turn heater ~ above bang on the blower motor a couple of times-did it come on if not could be fuse/blower engine relay/control switch/HVACcontrol module/motor manage processor/ and motor itself.


I have a 2004 cool Prix the the heater blower does no work. The automobile is warmed increase and all of the fuses look ok.
Welcome come the forum, I"d have actually to gain at the blower motor connector. With an essential and hvac turned on, check for voltage and ground at the connector. If that checks out, I doubt a faulty blower motor. Any kind of fuses girlfriend check, use a testlite ~ above the fuse circuit, make sure the circuit is hot.
my blower pan does no work(for ac or heat) ns hear it, it simply doesn"t blow. It supplied to begin working again as soon as I pounded the dashboard, now it go not. Wherein is this heater box duct? Also, to examine for 12 volts of power, just how do I carry out this?
check batt main fuse 4-- 30 amp, in the underhood fuse box. Usage a testlite, the circuit have to be hot all the time. If that checks out, I"d have actually to gain at the blower engine connector and check because that voltage and ground.
The blower fan functions intermitantly. When it is no working, if ns hit the right side the the facility dash (where the controls space located) it starts working. It additionally starts working if i hit a bump or pot hole. If it is the control module (contains 3 dial switches and the rear dfrost and also air conditioner button) is there any means to test it?
Welcome to the forum. Have all trouble codes checked, see if something points to the hvac system. I"d gain at the blower engine connector, everything turned on, inspect for voltage and also ground. If no voltage, i backtrack the circuit. Test when the blower refuses to run.
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