I very own a 2012 Jeep patriot 2.4 engine deserve to you please aid me to discover my Map sensor!? Thanks an extremely much




The Manifold Absolute push (MAP) sensor is an installed into the former of the intake manifold (Fig.18). One o-ring is supplied to seal the sensor to the intake manifold (Fig. 19).

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(1) Disconnect electric connector in ~ sensor.

(2) Clean area around MAP sensor.

(3) remove 2 sensor mounting screws.

(4) eliminate MAP sensor native intake manifold.

(5) examine condition that sensor o-ring (Fig. 19).



The Manifold Absolute press (MAP) sensor is mounted into the prior of the input manifold (Fig. 18). One o-ring is offered to seal the sensor come the input manifold (Fig. 19).

(1) Clean MAP sensor mounting feet at intake manifold.

(2) examine MAP sensor o-ring seal for cuts or tears.

(3) position sensor into manifold.

(4) download MAP sensor mounting bolts (screws). Tighten screws to 3 N·m (25 in. Lbs.) torque.

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(5) affix electrical connector.

The part is extremely hard to gain to. The sensor broke in half while do the efforts to remove the housing to obtain to the Thermostat sensor. It’s together if you require a special size tool to eliminate the bolts. Any advice on how I have the right to remove the old sensor?

Hi Wendy. Ns replacement my MAP sensor and also found that by removing the plastic box on optimal of the engine really helps. This will enable you to have far better access come the part. I have actually seen a couple of posts around replacing the MAP sensor and also NO ONE says to usage a 7 mm socket or wrench! nobody of mine one-quarter rachets would fit into the very little space to eliminate the left side 7 mm hex head screw. The RH next of the part, I gotten rid of with a 7 mm crate wrench. I saw Autozone and also found a "mini rachet" the is one quarter inch drive. The complete length is 3.5 inches however the head that the rachet is only 5/8 in large and just 1/2 thick. Gained home and it simply fit into the confined an are and i was maybe to remove the bolt. Ns hope this helps someone out there.......Hal native Bradner OH

Mariah Sklaney will certainly be eternally grateful.

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