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The Tire pressure Monitor system is a safety and convenience attribute that was introduced at the begin of the 2002 model year. That was available as an option on every WJ models except the Laredo Sport. Every of the vehicle’s wheels have a valve stem v a push sensor and also radio transmitter built in. Signal from the tire pressure sensors space received and interpreted through the EVIC. A sensor in a an installed wheel will certainly broadcast its detect pressure as soon as per minute once the car is moving faster than 25 mph. The spare tire sensor (if equipped) will certainly broadcast when every hour. Every sensor’s broadcast is uniquely coded so the the EVIC have the right to determine location.

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The system is qualified of displaying yes, really tire press levels for all four tires and the spare, is precise to within +/- 1 PSI under every conditions, unaffected by uneven loading or trailering, unaffected through slippery road conditions, and is maybe to screen tire press while the auto is at rest. Each tires transmitter is battery powered. The battery life is projected to last 7-10 years under common operating conditions.

The system identifies the ar of the four mounted tires by means of a straightforward initial maintain process. The EVIC is put into a programming setting while a magnet is momentarily placed, in sequence, on each of the valve stems. A signal is sent earlier that identifies the LF/RF/LR/RR tire locations and the spare (if equipped). This is one easy process that have the right to be excellent by anyone, and also is defined in information below.

If the preventive is moved and mounted on the vehicle, the display screen will chime and also display for 5 seconds the post “Spare swap detected”. So how does the system understand the spare has actually been switched? The spare tire transmitter is programmed come send a signal hourly. Any and all mounted wheels, when spinning over 25 MPH, will certainly transmit your signal every minute. The mechanism will detect that the tire previously programmed as the spare was placed on the vehicle when the signal from that tire alters from hourly come every minute.

The valve stem transmitters can be conveniently installed into any kind of wheels the fit the WJ’s, whether factory or aftermarket. The preventive can additionally be mounted atop the vehicle and still it is in reconized thus by the system. Together well, a set of additional transmitters can be purchased to install into a collection of different tires because that those owners who often change their wheels and tires because that off-roading. Note that one-of-a-kind Training is compelled if you space using steel wheels. See the “Training” section below for much more information.

Starting in January 2002, a 4-Tire device was introduced, remove the spare tires sensor. This device was offered on all WJ’s the came with a steel spare wheel. Models through the manufacturing facility chrome wheels/chrome spare gain the 5-tire system. Upon unique request, the 4-tire device modules can be programmed by the dealer to turn on the 5th spare tire bit. A 5th valve stem module would need to be purchased and also installed into the spare.

In addition to the frequencies shown in the picture, if a tire loses an ext than 1.5 psi of press the signa


The Electronic auto Information facility (EVIC) in the overhead console monitors the wireless tire pressure signals from the tire sensors and determines if any tire has actually gone below the low press threshold or raised above the high pressure threshold, as shown in the table below. A warning is just sounded once a details tire, any kind of tire, goes over or below the thresholds. This thresholds are preset by the factory and are no changeable.

Low tire press thresholdsHigh tire press thresholds
System standing indicatorTire PressureSystem status indicatorTire Pressure
On25 PSIOn45 PSI
Off28 PSIOff40 PSI
On the “Low” side, the warning will chime once a tires drops down to 25 PSI, and also the display will check out “Low Pressure”.On the “High” side, the warning will chime once a tire pressure exceeds 45 PSI, and also the screen will review “High Pressure”.
The warning message displays for three seconds and then switches come the tire pressure “trip” screen.The particular tire the is low and caused the post will blink in ~ one 2nd intervals on the display.The blinking will continue for the remainder of the ignition bike OR until an EVIC switch is pressed.If the screen is adjusted without correcting the condition, the warning will certainly reappear (without the chime) in 60 seconds.If a tires becomes short while the automobile has been off, the warning signal will appear on the display about 8-10 seconds after the ignition is rotate on.


Note: It appears that few of the wheels supplied on 1999-2001 cool Cherokees might not be compatible v the tire push valve/transmitter stems, due to a bigger ridge which go not permit the stem to seat properly. This has actually so far been confirmed for the Timberline wheel offered on 1999-2001 Laredo models. A 2001 Laredo owner offered an angle grinder ~ above his Timbeline wheel to remove a 1/8″ X 1-1/2″ area of metal, which was at the external edge of the ridge away from the bead/seat area. This allowed for the sensor to mountain flush against the wheel and also align perfectly through the valve stem hole.

So much we have confirmed that the 1999-up Silverblade #1, Silverblade #2, the 2001-up Rogue Chrome wheels and the 2001 restricted Silverblade 3 wheels are compatible v the sensors, v no alterations required. In addition, any type of wheel used on 2002-up models would certainly be compatible. See our factory wheels and also tires web page for info on the various wheels provided on 1999-2004 grand Cherokee’s.

The Tire press Monitor System have the right to be easily added to 2002-2004 version year WJ vehicles, back it deserve to be fairly expensive if the forced parts are purchased new from a dealer. The EVIC module within the console have to be changed with the progressed version that consists of the TPMS circuitry. Over there is no extra wiring required, the currently module is simply removed and also replaced through the new one. Many EVIC modules are interchangeable. If you have the standard EVIC because that example, you have the right to upgrade and also install either of the two step-up models. One add to HomeLink, and the various other adds HomeLink add to the TPMS. The old module can be sold if wanted to slightly balance out some of the update costs.

Tire pressure Monitor system parts

EVIC module(Note: walk not include lens)(All modules will work on every 1999-2004 grand Cherokees. Some 1999-2001 wheels may require a modification for the sensor to fit, view comments above)Qty: 1P/N: 56042756AF(2002 models)P/N: 56042756AG*(2002/2003 models – starting Jan. 2002)P/N: 56042756AI**(2003 models)P/N: 56042756AJ**(2003/2004 models – beginning Feb. 2003)MSRP: $ 645.00 ea.
EVIC lens(Note: not needed if existing lens is re-used)Qty: 1P/N: 5012882AAMSRP: $ 20.75 ea.
Magnet, trainingQty: 1P/N: 52109664AA(Similar come Miller Special tool 8821)MSRP: $ 19.90 ea.
Sensor / Transmitter(Note: sensors cannot be supplied on spare tires with steel wheels)Qty: 5P/N: 52088990ACMSRP: $ 67.50 ea.
Valve stem nutsQty: 5P/N: 52088961AAMSRP: $ 5.80 ea.
Valve stem capsQty: 5P/N: 5083124AAMSRP: $ 3.85 ea.
Valve core, aluminum(Note: had with Sensor / Transmitter)Qty: 5P/N: 4897346AAMSRP: $ 2.30 ea.
Quantities detailed in red text space what is compelled when upgrading indigenous a an easy module come the TPMS module.* beginning with 2003 version year production, the “Instant MPG” function was deleted on every modules.

** “AG” series (January 2002) and newer modules space programmed v either the 4-tire system or the 5-tire system. The 4-tire system modules deserve to be programmed by the dealer to rotate on the 5th spare tires bit. Most restricted and Overland models that had actually the TPMS choice came through the 5-tire version while Laredo models (steel spare tire) came v the 4-tire system.

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See EVIC modules for a finish list of cool Cherokee EVIC module part numbers.