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Hi All,Is there any difference between ATF DEXRON III, ATF DEXRON II, or ATF SP-III?I"m no able to uncover the last kind in the local sector which to be recomended by the user hands-on for replacing the Automatic transmission Fluid.Appreceating your kind comments.

always use the genuine SP111 fluid, this is only obtainable from your dealer, l recognize it is much much more expensive but it will conserve you problems later
The brain washing continues. Without making a statement that is not correct ns think most world are favor sheep and also with a small reading friend will discover as i did that aftermarket products are not all bad. Part have provided others a poor name. I put Amsoil universal ATF in my 03 Sonada. Shouldn"t have actually to adjust it again. Look at constant reports make by people like girlfriend & I and you"ll uncover it to critical 3 time as long as the factory stuff. Now don"t acquire me wrong i am not telling you to usage it rather of the manufacturing facility ATF. Simply see what others have actually said and YOU deside.

there have been several instances the auto. Box problems that have actually been directly contributed to the incorrect usage of ATF fluid, if you want to take that chance well thats up to you, personally l think the paying the extra money because that the correct SP111 liquid is fine worth the peace of mind, it"s alot cheaper that a new gearbox!

I"ll earlier up montego here- I have actually seen several instances of the trans not functioning appropriately after a generic form ATF is used. Ns haven"t personal delt through a trans failure because of it, however I do know it go happen, and also your much much better off sticking v the Hyundai ATF. And also as for never having to change your ATF again since your utilizing amsoil- I"m sure you"ll do a Hyundai dealer really happy once they acquire paid cash out of her pocket instead of to replace your tranny due to the fact that you don"t think you need to change the fluid.

AND save IN MIND,that if over there is any problem with the auto baox, a maintain record need to be produced (unless the automobile was serviced in ~ the dealer). If the record present other ATF climate SPlll, the warranty is void.
Belive it or not, mine dealer did not have that ype the oil and also he recomend me to get it indigenous the sector :grin: Not only that, no body heared of the SP-III type !!The best form that ns can get from the industry (and it"s the hihgest in price) is AC Delco DEXRON III.

do not use dextron lll or any type of other kind of fluid, l have the right to not believe that your key dealer can not bespeak the exactly SPlll liquid for you, try another dealer
Hi all,I have actually a 1998 sonata GLS and also I want to recognize if 100% man-made automatic transmission fluid (tech 2000 indigenous wal-mart) is a great choice even if girlfriend say that the best choice is SP-III. Synhetic fluid is it far better than continual non-synthetic?Thank girlfriend for your help, a french guy, Derick
I think it"s pretty clear from every discussion. No one have the right to guarantee the usage of fluid other than factory recommended (SP-III), especially on ATF. I choose the method montego placed it... Prepare a save account because that a replacement gear box.Plus, I simply read mine manual. Damage due come non-specified fluid (I assume this refers to any kind of other fliud various other than Hyundai ATF, Daimond ATF SP-III and SK ATF SP-III) will void the warranty.So, if friend do, execute it at your very own risk
Kia infectious diseases worldwide fluid and Hyundai trans liquid are the same. Whey also have the very same serial number with a various sticker. The Kia fluid is about 35% much less than the Hyundai fluid.

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Here"s the thing...I simply looked on AMSOIL"s net site and their universal tranny liquid is $9.05 a quart plus shipping. I gained SP III native my local Hyundai dealer for $5.50 a quart. Therefore I would certainly stick v the actual Hyundai, and save the receipt for a warranty claim. :thumbsup: John
Hello - I watch some mis-information over so I believed I would certainly chime in. I"m new to the Hyundai neighborhood with my recent Sonata purchase. First off, the Kia and Hyundai fluids are NOT every the same. The KIA Red 1 fluid is unique, no one makes a substitute. Similarly, the 6 speed ATFs made by Aisin Warner take a unique transmission fluid, and only Mobil makes a substitute for this (Mobil 3309) since it"s designed because that the Aisin Warner automatic infection line. So, be careful and make sure you walk to liquid compatibility listings on the liquid manufacturers websites. This is because every oil/lubricant has a specification that have to be met.That being said, Mobil 1 synthetic ATF IS compatible with the 3 fluids detailed in the Hyudai literary works (HYUNDAI real ATF SP III, DIAMONDATF SP III, SK ATF SP III). Watch this connect for confirmation. Https:// You might not find it together cheap as others, however perhaps you want this synthetic.In reality, as I know it, the specification for this liquid is "SP III". Theoretically any kind of fluid that is advertised by dependable manufacturers to fulfill this specification can be used. I"ve not showed this last tidbit, but that"s mine understanding. For sure the Mobil 1 ATF is compatible. My guess is the the manufacturers for any kind of "SP-III" fluid will list the Hundai liquid in your compatibility list. Because that what it"s worth - to help you v my credibility, I"m an engineer. Good luck.