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I have actually a 2006 Ford Taurus (some might remember me as having actually a Ford Escort. It"s a long story). Top top my means to work, the car started beeping and the screen on the dashboard showed a "Check Transmission" message. I confirm the transmission fluid, yet it was at the appropriate level. The didn"t look dark at all, therefore I"m reasoning it"s no time to change it yet. What else have to I it is in looking for? What"s causing the post to appear?P.S. I was referred below by someone in the site. The above is a re-post.

What you require is a scan device that will review transmission codes.Not all password readers do transmission codes.You more than likely have a sensor the end of range.It may be precious a trip to the dealer,they should be able to read the code for free.Not like it takes more than 2 minute to do.
Your car is like your wife.Spend some money on them as soon as in a while and they won"t nag you come death.Their Sacrifice....Our Freedom
Thanks. Later on in the day, the car now "kicks" together it move gears (it"s an automatically transmission). Not as well badly, but it"s bothersome. I confirm the fluid again, yet it"s all the same. I can"t imagine what lugged this about. The car was functioning fine for 20 minute this morning. The difficulty was an extremely sudden.

Your vehicle is favor your wife.Spend some money top top them when in a while and they won"t nag you come death.Their Sacrifice....Our Freedom

Like Boghog says...the password are very necessary for a correct diagnosis. Once the "Check Transmission" light comes on it means to have actually it serviced ASAP through a default technician with a capable scan tool. It has detected problems that can and will destruoy your trans in brief order. The could be over heating or slipping or simply a sensor/connector that has actually gone bad. The "kicks" transition you feeling is the infectious diseases worldwide trying to defend itself from further damages by enhancing the inner pressures therefore the clutches don"t slip.

Your vehicle is prefer your wife.Spend some money top top them when in a while and also they won"t nag you come death.Their Sacrifice....Our Freedom
I took it to a infection shop. The man said it was overheating, yet he wouldn"t provide me the codes. Tho trying to find the problem.

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I would certainly not usage that shop for the fix if they room gonna be the secretive how could you to trust them with a repair that might be indigenous a 2.00 fuse to a 3k infectious diseases worldwide rebuild.With the trans irradiate on line pressure will it is in high to prevent any further damages internally.I would shot another shop or disconnect the battery to clear codes,drive it and also see what happens.If that is a difficult fault it need to turn the irradiate on be the second key cycle.
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