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I typically would not have had an auto repair short article in this blog. But, exorbitant a source as the internet and also You Tube can be on auto repairs, I could not find anything around my details problem. So, in the soul of placing the info out top top the web where it possibly may aid someone....The Problem: one of our vehicles is a 2005 Ford Freestar minivan. Recently, among the behind sliding doors refused to unlatch or unlock. The lock device was totally jammed and also could no be unlocked by either the digital lock button, or manually pulling increase on the lock button. Pulling on the door handles (inside or out) did nothing.The Issue: Obviously, i did not know this when beginning into the repair, however the link (essentially a shaped metal rod) that attached the latch manage mechanism (for absence of a far better term) v the latch had actually come loose--probably from passengers slamming the door too tough for too numerous years)--and fallen out of place, thus staying clear of the latch from being released. Moreover, it apparently had fallen right into just the right position to jam the locking mechanism.
This is the linkage. The end on the left the the picture fits right into a bar that is component of the latch/lock manage mechanism. The appropriate side, i m sorry is coated in black, fits into the latch release.
The Repair: The an initial step in the repair is to remove the inside door panel. First, unscrew the locking knob (which merely screws onto a stick in the door). This is actually rather long, for this reason it will certainly take a most turns to totally remove it.Second, eliminate the screw close to the door handle.
Remove the circled screw first.
The panel is otherwise fastened by clips at various places along the edge and the middle of the dashboard which easily pull loose. In fact, you can probably fit her fingers under the panel and also start pulling it loose. There room two tricky parts. The top rear the the dashboard fits underneath a panel the goes approximately the window and upper section of the door. So, this upper panel will should be pulled loosened a little as well. The other is in the bottom rear corner of the panel, which is attached v a plastic plug. If you have actually loosened the rest of the panel, friend can conveniently get a huge flat head screw driver in between the panel and the sheet steel of the door, and also pry the plug loose.With the dashboard removed, you must see the interior of the door, which will be spanned by a water barrier / insulative layer.
Moisture barrier / insulation. You deserve to see the rod come which the knob for the lock attaches.
The moisture barrier is attached through a glue, and easily peeled back. Girlfriend will should peel it back from the former of the door, but do not need to fully remove it.
Lock - Latch Mechanism

After removing the humidity barrier, friend will see the mechanism above, i m sorry operates the locking and latching/unlatching of the door. The cable in the middle goes to the latch of the rear of the door. The yellow block just above the cable is part of the locking mechanism--sliding it back and forth will certainly (normally) lock or unlock the door. The yellow block listed below the cable is component of the latch mechanism. Once the within or external handles room pulled, levers in this device will turn. If the door is unlocked, those levers will move an additional lever that is linked via the linkage to the prior latch (under the paper metal and also to the ideal in the picture). The circled torx screws will eventually need to be removed to right into the system to change the linkage. Unfortunately, there space three various other screws that need to be gotten rid of first--all around the latch--which way that you need to release the latch and also open the door prior to you can get to the guts of the lock/latch mechanism.
Latch. Three more torx-head screws to be removed.

Before walking further, ns unlocked the door. After much puzzling over exactly how to perform this, I ended up simply using a large flat headed driver underneath the lever to i beg your pardon the locking rod attached and also simply pried it upward, i m sorry unlocked the door (but, of course, the door quiet did not open).
To unlatch the door, perform the following: There space two openings come the left of the mechanism (they would be to the right on the passenger next sliding door), one over the other. Getting to through the upper opening with my arm, I was able to explore around the inside of the latch mechanism with my fingers, recognize a component of the latch that i was may be to push forward native behind, i m sorry sprung the latch and also opened the door.
With the door open, I could remove the 6 torx head screws. This screws are in tight, and also have a dab that Lok-tite top top them, so the is helpful to have actually torx heads that you can connect to a socket wrench to acquire them loose.
With the device removed and also open come view, it is basic to do the repair. Together I provided above, over there is a linkage. One end of the link will fit into one that the levers/actuators that move when pulling on a door handle. Over there is a blue plastic ring that fits right into lever/actuator and also prevents the linkage from relocating or wobbling roughly (and thus falling loose). This plastic ring had come loose and fallen out, which precipitation my problems. So, I started by instead of the blue ring.
Blue ring gone! This is where the uncoated section of the linkage fits.
Here is the blue ring. Simply push it ago into the hole.
Here is exactly how the earlier of the linkage fits in.

I don"t know whether it problem which finish of the linkage you start with. The rear portion of the linkage fits v the blue ring. It will certainly clip right into the black color clip in the middle of the image above, but not yet because you have to hook it come the latch up front.
In the circled area you can see part of the hole that the front of the link fits into. The arrow indicates the direction that the pivot.

The former of the link fits into a feet on the front latch (see above). I found it easiest to turn the affiliation sideways, on slide it under the piece, and then rotate so the tip poked in to the hole circled in the photo above. By the way, wherein my thumb is pushing is wherein you have to push come unlatch the door. I driven forward to unlatch the door making use of my fingers. However, as you have the right to see, the affiliation actually pulls on the item to cause it come pivot.

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Finally, v the affiliation in place at the front and also back, push the rod right into the black color plastic clip ns had provided above.