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Hello,I"m interested in purchase a yamaha 660 raptor. Lock look like great fun, and also I feel like its the ideal time to step up to a more powerful quad - just had my 250 cc quad stolen.

660s room still good quads. $2000 to $2500 max for a 660, $3000 beginning for very early 700.Modded, 660"s have the right to hold their very own with (even modded) 700"s - yet a share 700 will easily take a stock 660.660"s are easier to mod and have an ext potential - no FI headroom issues to worry about and 5 valves vs 4... Carbs room just less complicated for drastic mode - FI far better for simple mods. Honesly, i love mine 660; however if a 700 came along at a reasonable price with far-reaching mods, I"d think about it.Top rate of both is limited electronically in ~ 75 mph (but modifiable). Acceleration is merely a function of driver weight through the 700 being just a little quicker, every else equal.
"01 660 Raptor, Burgard +2+1 arms, YFZ Shocks, LSR anti-vibe, CTR pipe, K&N
"01 Polaris Scrambler 400, "04 Suzuki LTZ400"16 Polaris RZR XP4 1000 Turbo, "14 Polaris RZR XP 1000
One thing to consider.A 660 will take a hit far better than a 700 (IMO)I ride and also crash hard, normally the only damage is a bend tie stick or stearing stem.My 700 well...think crumple zones......(but it might be safer)

I simply purchased a Lightly offered (elderly gentleman) 2005 Raptor 660R SE. Checked out some sand dunes in California is around all. Even came v another set of ITP Sand tires (front and rear) ~ above ITP aluminum wheels for $2200.00- Moose gyeongju Track format Nerf Bars- Looney Tuned (True) twin Exhaust- carbohydrate Jet KitThe thing absolutely Screams no Don"t be fear of the 660"s. Simply look because that the 2004 and also 2005 models. That"s what i was told.....
Transmission issues. Second gear in particular. I"d say all the ones the were going to fail have done therefore by now. However there still can be some out over there that space biding their time. Sent from mine SM-G975U using Tapatalk
Joagaca suspension,gytr structure skid,yfz calipers,powermadd hand guards,prodesign shifter,fasst flexx bars,rox risers,t.m. Architecture chain guide,+2 lonestar swinger,billet dash,x-rex rears, klaw xc fronts,ebay bumper,prodesign case saver,primary journey sprockets and also chain, every balls wheel bearings,+2+1 lonestar a-arms,+2 g force axle,vitos jet kit,ac agree peg nerf,amradillo swinger skid,sparks exhaust,prodesign intake,foam filter,outterwear,no lid
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