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In researching how to readjust the CPS sensor, I easily realized two things........the eco-friendly clip is virtually impossible to get off and also there aren"t plenty of pics mirroring what or exactly how to carry out it. I have attempted to make pics that the hardest & many discussed component of the replacement. If any additional pics space needed, you re welcome let me know. I have additionally attached 2 YouTube videos that assisted me out. There room many world in this forum much an ext knowledgeable than I. You re welcome feel totally free to provide clarity to anything I have posted. ​
I replaced the CPS - financial institution 1 (rear) in mine wife"s 2007 SL FWD last night. I am big guy (6"7", 265 lbs.) and also could barely fit one hand into the tight room where the sensor is located. Since of this, I gotten rid of the sensor native the housing prior to disconnecting the from the clip. This allowed for much easier access to the bottom that the clip. I"m not certain if the is the perferred technique but it operated for me. ​
Nissan & InfinitiCam and also Crank Sensor connector Lock - YouTubeCamshaft position Sensor instead of - YouTube​

Thanks because that the info!

After 142K miles, my MO is history. Now sporting a loaded silver 2012 Ford Edge restricted with 20" wheels. :29:
that is the an approach i simply used no ten minute ago, this forum has actually helped me out along with a video clip on youtube and also what i assumed was walking to be the end of mine engine take it me about ten minute to fix. The plastic recipient is by much the many tricky part, when you get your hand in there yet if you just push the switch far enough in and also play through it a little bit the will almost pop the sensor the end of the place. Just the one bolt to release the sensor and screw that back in you"re an excellent to go.

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