The timing belt is situated in front of your vehicle’s engine. That is made of a strong rubber material which consists of cords that are nylon-reinforced. The way, the timing belt’s lifespan can be preserved.

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While the time belt is relocating inside the motor, the is placed under a lot of stress and tends come wear out quickly for this reason. As a result, friend will have to replace the time belt ~ above a consistent basis figured out by the auto manufacturer.

If girlfriend let your timing belt get worn out and also you don’t change it, girlfriend can reason a many expensive damages to her engine.

How a time Belt Works


The replacement cost of a time belt is dependence on the number of labor hours that were invested on the instead of job. ~ all, through some cars, the is a lot harder come gain accessibility to several of the components like the time belt.

For economy cars with small engines, the labor have to be cheaper because that this since they are easier to disassemble. Yet if she driving one SUV or a truck, they have actually bigger engines which median you’ll it is in paying more money.

The average price to replace a time belt will certainly be almost everywhere from $300 come $500 in total (more for larger cars, trucks, and also SUVs). The time belt itself will commonly only cost less than $50 but the bulk of a time belt job is invested on labor.

The expense of the labor will be anywhere from $250 come $450 or more. Over there will most likely be taxes and fees included onto this prices too.

NOTE: It’s often recommended to replace the water pump in ~ the same time when in there since it’s in the very same area. The may expense a bit more for a new water pump yet you’ll conserve a the majority of money ~ above labor expenses if you were to execute it later on on.

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When have to a time Belt be Replaced?

A time belt is just one of those points that’s an essential to replace according to the auto manufacturer’s schedule. Most often this will certainly be between every 75,000 and 100,000 miles. Examine your owner’s hand-operated for the exact schedule for her vehicle.

Replacing your timing belt is not one of those points you have the right to just put off indefinitely. Eventually, the belt will break and you may have thousands the dollars in engine damage. It’s merely not precious the risk.

Timing Belt instead of Process

Unless you have actually a lot of auto repair experience, a time belt instead of is not basic DIY job and should be handled by a professional.

The mechanic requirements to gain entry come the timing cover the the engine by removing various accessories. ~ removing the cover, the mechanic will analyze the timing belt and its pulleys to view what is in need of replacement.

At this point, that will start to eliminate the time belt and also replace it with a new one. Castle will likely replace the pulleys, tensioners, and water pump if they feel it is crucial to perform so.

Once all the brand-new parts are in, the will put the time cover back on and also any other parts that were removed. Currently that it is all put earlier together, it can be tested with the start of the engine.

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Is the engine running like it should? Is the timing of the engine good? If the answer come both of these is yes, climate you are in an excellent shape. Pay the mechanic and also then you space done.