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Hey Guys have actually a 2003 accord coupe, continuous 6 bowl CD changer head unit. About to sell the car and the CD"s will certainly not eject, any ideas on exactly how to acquire these out? ThanksAlready searched :thumbsdow

had the same trouble for the past 6 month or so. Claimed ERR after around 10 seconds of convert to CD mode. Wouldnt let me eject the CD"sUntil this past week, the CD changer chose to let me eject mine CD"s. So ns did, every 6 that them, real fast prior to it had a opportunity to chaos up again lol.One that the CD"s was cracked in lot of spots native the inside. Dunno how that happened. Kinda curious come insert an additional CD in over there to check out if that works now or not.
Get another disc and stick the in around a quarter method then fight eject. The disc must come out followed by the various other one that is in there.... This procedure has worked from me many times on my cd player in mine accord.

If you space still trying to eject the CDs, you can try disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes, and then re-connect. Make sure you have actually your protection code because that the stereo. This will cause the CD changer device to reset and also you might be able to eject the CDs. Press and hold Eject till it beeps and it will certainly eject every one of them. If they tho don"t eject, climate the device is jammed. The only method you would obtain those out is to eliminate the stereo, remove the CD changer core, and also disassemble it to eliminate the CDs.

Get another disc and stick it in around a quarter means then fight eject. The disc have to come out adhered to by the various other one the is in there.... This procedure has functioned from me plenty of times on mine cd player in my accord.

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