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I have a 2000 focus and I cant acquire the rear drums off, are there any type of tricks? need to the drum simply slide off or do i need to remove the spindle?

you have the right to cheat and remove the totality spindle...This short article shows some info on acquisition apart the drums the less complicated way:
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If you have actually the appropriate tools, removing the spindle seed is a lot less hassle.Assuming you gotten rid of the spindle nut, is it just not coming off? Does the feel like it move a tiny but then sticks?I had that happen when I lost one that the pins top top the bottom that a brake shoe. A actual pain to eliminate (took 45 minute to pry the drum off).If the is the case, monitor ax0n"s advice. The takes longer, however that definately works. (plus you have to dealing with bleeding the brake lines, which deserve to be a hassle).
I have not removed the spindle nut since every other automobile I have ever worked top top the drum simply slid off. I recognize what I should do now and also I have actually all tools essential to perform it. Thanks guys
Slightly off topic, yet could who tell me the dimension socket necessary to remove the rear spindle nut? I want to inspect my drums for wear, however didn"t have actually a big enough socket to gain the nut off...does the really should be adjusted out after ~ every 3 or 4 uses?
I wouldn"t introduce removing the spindle nut uneven you have a large ass torque wrench something like 280 ft-lb if i rember correctly. If you have currently removed the 4 nuts in the earlier side that drum and it will certainly still no come off, then provides sure your e-brake is off and also take 2 pry bars and also wedge lock in opposite next if each other ans slowly pressure the north out. Functions every time.

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According come the manufacturing facility manual I have actually for my 2000 Focus, you need to remove the drum with the spindle attached. Because that Foci equipped v ABS, you need to remove the ABS sensor from the spindle prior to you unbolt it. You could be far better off disconnecting the sensor wire from the exploit (trace it out from the spindle and you should see the connector) together it is very easy to brek the screw off while trying to remove it. If friend do acquire the it is registered screw out unscated, I would certainly strongly recommend utilizing anti-seize ~ above the screw threads.It is possible to remove the drum without removed the spindle. You should make certain the drum turnsfreely (ie: the brakes aren"t dragging due to improper parking brake change ment, etc). You need to use a brake drum puller (or pry that off) to eliminate the drum from the spindle.