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Hello - if this is a repeat question, apologies. I have actually a 2WD "03 Tahoe LT 5.3 with around 56,000 mile on it. Obtained a "Service Brake Booster" message on the DIC a pair times last week. Remained on for a minute or so each time, and also then went back to the odometer display. Didn"t seem to be any problem v the brakes (pedal feel was fine) yet I take it it to the dealer to have it checked out. Dealer has had it for two days and also can"t figure out what"s wrong v it. They likewise can"t acquire the article to come back on the DIC, and also told me the messages presented on the DIC don"t save as codes for the scan once they plug in the diagnostic computer.Anyone heard of the "Service Brake Booster" message?

New one ~ above me...maybe shadams has heard the such...It"s possible the swarm or BCM has gone wonky top top you...

That automobile has whats referred to as a supplemental brake help motor, the is a extra vacuum pump to it is provided extra vacuum in low vacuum problems such together accel or if the booster failed. It runs a self test every time you begin the vehicle for 1 second, and if the IPC (instrument panel) walk not check out that the test completes 5 times in a heat it turns on the "Service Brake Booster" message.When you begin the vehicle and get to around 10 mph you need to hear a irradiate buzzing noise, maybe also feel that in the brake pedal. If the isnt happening then the SBA motor may need to it is in replaced. If the is comes on and also the post appears, it may need an tool cluster, but there are various other reasons it can come on, view following:The Supplemental Brake assist (SBA) unit create vacuum for the brake booster in situation of a vacuum loss or low vacuum to the brake booster. The SBA consists of • The sensor circuit board and pressure sensor • The examine valve manifold • The vacuum pump • The motor as soon as the car is keyed ON, the SBA performs a self test through toggling the Supplemental Brake help Signal Circuit short for one second. The instrument panel cluster (IPC) recognizes this together an indication that the SBA is functional. If the IPC does not check out this signal for 5 consecutive ignition cycles the organization Brake Booster post is displayed. The SBA performs diagnostics in ~ 16 Km/h (10 mph) under typical conditions, and before 16 Km/h (10 mph) if a short vacuum problem exists. The SBA then spins the motor and also runs diagnostics to determine if the pump is operating and the SBA is functional. The organization BRAKE BOOSTER post will display screen until the next ignition cycle if the unit is can not to maintain diminished power brake levels.The SBA unit utilizes the ignition top top signal from the generator to recognize the engine is running and also monitors speed using one input native the vehicle speed sensor. It additionally has an interior pressure sensor that compares the pressure inside the booster to the approximately pressure. If the vacuum drops listed below 18 cm/Hg (7 in/Hg) the reduced BRAKE POWER blog post is displayed and a 5 second timer is started. If the vacuum stays listed below 18 cm/Hg (7 in/Hg) because that 5 seconds the SBA beginning the pump. If the vacuum drops listed below 15 cm/Hg (6 in/Hg) the pump comes on immediately. When the vacuum level increases to 23 cm/Hg (9 in/Hg) The pump turn off off. The reduced BRAKE power message continues to be displayed until the vacuum level get 25 cm/Hg (10 in/Hg). If the pump runs for one minute without the vacuum reaching 23 cm/Hg (9 in/Hg) the pump shuts off and the business BRAKE BOOSTER post is displayed. The SBA assembly operates in 2 modes.• short Vacuum mode -- The short vacuum mode can occur with the engine on or OFF. The SBA identify the ON/OFF status by security the regulator calculation on the engine top top circuit. This mode entails SBA pump activation and also deactivation early to changes in vacuum detected by the press sensor. - low Vacuum Engine ON mode -- The SBA will run in reaction to alters to brake booster vacuum together monitored through the push sensor. This setting is normally active on strength up if a valid engine ~ above signal is detected and also a low vacuum condition is indicated for more than 5 seconds. - lessened Brake Power mode -- once the booster vacuum drops listed below 18 cm/Hg (7 in/Hg) the SBA will begin a 5 2nd timer. If the vacuum exceeds 18 cm/Hg (7 in/Hg) the timer stops and also resets. After 5 seconds the pump activates and also the reduced BRAKE POWER post is displayed. - immediate Pump Activation mode -- once the booster vacuum drops listed below 15 cm/Hg (6 in/Hg) the reduced BRAKE POWER blog post is displayed and also the pump is rotate on. - Pump Deactivation setting -- The pump will certainly be turned off when the booster vacuum exceeds 23 cm/Hg (9 in/Hg). The SBA will proceed to display diminished BRAKE POWER until the booster vacuum over 25 cm/Hg (10 in/Hg). - low Vacuum Engine off -- The SBA will monitor the vacuum when the auto is above 8 Km/h (5 mph) and an engine OFF condition is detected. If the vehicle is listed below 8 Km/h (5 mph) and an engine OFF problem is detect the SBA will certainly monitor the vacuum because that 60 seconds • Vacuum Augment (Engine OFF) mode -- If the engine ~ above state transforms to off after getting to 8 Km/h (5 mph) the SBA activates the pump for up to 60 seconds. ~ 60 seconds the pump turn off off and the service BRAKE BOOSTER post is displayed. If the engine ~ above signal is recognize or the car slows to listed below 8 Km/h (5 mph) prior to the pump times out. The pump shuts off and no article is displayed. If every little thing checks out with the dealer 보다 it is tough to allude at any one part thats bad, intermittant problems are the worst. Great Luck!

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