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Dashboard warning lights and also indicators administer drivers with valuable information around a vehicle’s status and also condition. These indicators notify us if among our vehicle’s systems demands attention or servicing. Today’s modern cars have actually more complicated functions and also safety solution than ever before before, and also therefore have much more dashboard warning indicators than ever. If you’re confused around the dashboard warning lights on your Chevrolet car, van or SUV, let us make these valuable devices a tiny less the a mystery.

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First, dashboard warning lights room a authorize that something requirements our attention or action. For example, most of us understand that as soon as we check out the tiny indicator that looks like a gas pump, we have to stop and refuel. Few of the other warning lamp are less easy come decipher, and thankfully less usual to see. Here are some of the warning indicator lights on your Chevy’s dashboard, and what lock mean.See the rest of the Dashboard Warning Lights


Check Engine Light This warning irradiate is additionally called the break down Indicator Lamp, and looks like the rundown of a car’s engine. It is offered to educate you the a selection of possible problems having actually to perform with the engine or emissions mechanism on your vehicle. If this light comes on and also stays on, or if it begins flashing, carry your automobile in for service right away.Brake mechanism or ABS Warning Light A warning light with (ABS) or (!) illuminated means a trouble with the vehicle’s brakes. It can indicate worn brake pads, short brake fluid, or something more critical. In any type of case, this is a serious safety problem that have to be addressed as shortly as possible.Charging System A warning light the looks choose a battery with + and – symbols indicates a trouble with her car’s charging system. If this light come on and stays on, it might indicate a drain on the battery that might soon make your auto inoperable. Carry your auto in to have actually this trouble checked immediately.Tire pressure Monitor The indicator light the looks like a cross ar of a tire through an exclamation note inside is the tire push monitor device light. It might mean that one or more of your vehicle’s tires space underinflated. Stop when it’s safe and check your tire pressure. Control on underinflated tires is unsafe and also can result in a blowout.Engine Coolant Temperature This light will certainly illuminate once your vehicle’s cooling mechanism reaches one unsafe level. It shows a trouble with the cooling device that is causing the engine to overheat and also may reason serious damage. Perform not neglect this indicator irradiate – instead carry your automobile to the nearest service center, or just stop driving and call because that assistance.Oil Pressure This is one more serious warning irradiate that must be confirm immediately. It method that her engine’s oil press is as well low, describe too little oil in the engine, or something an ext serious. In any type of case, lug your auto in because that servicing immediately if you watch this light come on and also stay on.Tire push Light The Tire push Monitor device (TPMS) light comes on briefly once the engine is started. As soon as the irradiate is ~ above steady, this shows that one or an ext of the tires are significantly underinflated. If the difficulty is not corrected, the light will come on in ~ every ignition cycle.

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If you see the indicator lights we’ve talked around above, or any of the others that you’re not certain of, lug your vehicle in to our organization department. Our expert organization technicians here at new Smyrna Chevy will completely investigate any warning indicator that your automobile may it is in experiencing.

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Our state the the art organization center and completely stocked components department means we’ll have you back on the roadway quickly and safely. You have the right to trust new Smyrna to repair her Chevrolet or various other GM auto using just OEM parts and also the recent diagnostic equipment. Don’t let your auto get damaged by skip a warning or indicator irradiate on her dash – carry it in and let united state take care of it.

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