Need come know, what sort of trans. Fluid and how lot to placed in my daughters small cavalier, as soon as I readjust the fluid and also filter. It has actually no dipstick simply a height fill port. Many thanks Terry

Hello, Here is a guide and some diagrams and also instructions to aid you obtain the task done. - DEXRON III or EquivalentThere is a fill plug ~ above the side which you need to gain a pump because that you can get it from any auto components store for around $12.00Check the end the diagrams (Below)Please allow us know if you require anything rather to obtain the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken


Dexron-III auto tranny liquid is recommended. Liquid TypesTransmission fluid TypeType .................... DEXRON III or EquivalentCapacitiesTransmission FluidOverhaul .................... 9.5L (10.0 Qt)Here is a guide to aid you service the transmission permit us know if you need anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.

transmission problem2003 Chevy Cavalier prior Wheel journey Automatic mine TRANS liquid light came on, and then automatically went off, and also hasn"t which since. Ns looked in the manual to see how to check fluid level, yet could not find it. I checked out Auto Zone, and asked the man there just how to check and also what kind of fluid. He uncovered the to fill site and also added fifty percent a quart that fluid. I have since found out you space not supposed to do that. Did that screw up my infection by doing that?
He an extremely well may assist somethign screw up by law things prefer that. Specifically if the level was good and the overfilled it that much. Could cause the liquid to airate and also then not lube properly and oxidize and also not clean either. Therefore id have a tranny flush and refil done asap.
transmission problem1996 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl 2 Wheel Drive manual what kind of transmission fluid do I put in mine 96 cavalier with manual tranny
Your automobile uses continuous Dexron. Exactly how much that takes depends on what to be done come it. If every you did was drainpipe the pan, climate it most likely won"t take end 4 quarts because most that the liquid staying in the Converter.Here room the capacitiesAUTOMATIC (3T40)Bottom Pan removal 3.8 liters (4.0 qts)Complete overhaul 6.6 liters (7.0 qts)Dry 8.5 liters (9.0 qts)AUTOMATIC (4T40-E)Bottom Pan removed 7.0 liters (7.4 qts)Complete overhaul 10.0 liters (10.6 qts)New Converter 2.5 liters (2.6 qts)
I want To examine My transmission Fluid. There Is No Dipstick. Where do I check It At, just how Do ns Fill It, and What kind Of liquid Do I usage (...

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