In the warm of summer, or the frigid depths of winter, blower engine failures frustrate many owners the 2002 Pontiac cool Prixs. Blower resistor packs cause most the the failures. Hardly ever does the blower engine itself fail.

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The blower resistor load drops the voltage come the blower motor, to reduce the rate of the fan motor at lower speed settings. Less power equates to less airflow. Restricting the voltage creates warm in the resistor pack, and over time, the resistor burns. A scorched resistor frequently loses very first one speed, climate another, advancing as the damages spreads across a cook circuit board till the blower engine no much longer operates in ~ all.

Open the passenger door. Gain down on your knees, and also look up above where the passenger feet go, straight under the glove box on your 2002 cool Prix. There is a cardboard reinforced feeling sound damper hosted in through plastic retainers. Gently pry the plastic retainer clips, being mindful to not damage them. Eliminate the sound damper.

Pull the carpet down and away from the firewall, revealing the sound matting underneath. Looking at the bottom that the black color heater case, the blower engine is the most noticeable feature. The blower motor is bolted come the case, is round, and also juts out prefer a little black can. Just ahead that this, close come the firewall, is the blower resistor, i beg your pardon is rectangle-shaped in shape and had a plug with number of wires going right into it.

Cut 2 incisions into the insulating mat under the carpet using your knife or box cutter, beginning about 1 customs on the outside edge the either side the blower motor resistor. Reduced down number of inches to make a flap of the sound insulation. Traction the flap under to provide an ext access to remove the blower resistor pack.

Pull the gray safety retaining clip the end of the connector come the blower motor resistor. Once this is free, unplug the blower motor resistor pack connector.

Remove the two evident screws closest come you retaining the blower engine resistor load using the socket and also ratchet. Closer to the firewall and hidden behind the connector is a third screw. That does not require removal. Ease this surprise screw approximately two transforms without remove it.

Gently pull under and earlier on the blower resistor pack, rocking gently side to next to on slide the fill off of the screw the you loosened. When it mister free, the blower resistor pack will pull right down and out for complete removal from her 2002 cool Prix. If you inspect it, that is usually apparent where the resistor has burned and failed.

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Push the blower engine resistor directly up right into position. The connector faces down, and the side through two closed bolt holes faces toward you. The slotted hole next will face towards the firewall, where the screw the was partially removed is tho installed. Slide the resistor into place.