Flushing the old coolant from her Jeep grand Cherokee ensures that your radiator cools her engine in ~ its full potential. Here"s just how to carry out it yourself.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee WJ (1994-2004).

As you can imagine, keeping your Jeep cool Cherokee"s engine cool is just one of the most crucial things you have to do to lengthen her engine"s life and also protect it. The radiator is designed to cool under the hot coolant flowing through the engine. End time, dirt and debris can construct up inside of the radiator, together with your antifreeze losing its acidity, which stays clear of it from functioning at its full potential, maintaining it indigenous cooling the engine properly. Flushing the system ensures the flow of coolant is smooth v the radiator and ensures over there is new antifreeze come cool the engine under as much as possible, which makes this procedure a an extremely important one to execute every other year or so, relying on your driving and also the high quality of antifreeze you use. The process is straightforward and shouldn"t take an ext than one hour. Review on to learn how to flush your own radiator.

Figure 1. Radiator is located in the former of your engine, between it and the grill.

Step 1 – drainpipe old coolant

Open the radiator"s lid on height of the radiator, under the hood. Locate the radiator"s drainpipe plug under the radiator. It"s located on the bottom that the radiator ~ above the passenger"s side. Ar the big container underneath it to collect the old coolant, and also loosen it by twisting the counterclockwise.

Figure 2. Radiator"s plastic drain plug.Figure 3. Drainpipe coolant into a container.
Pro Tip

You don"t must raise your car since the Jeep cool Cherokee is high enough for girlfriend to find the drainpipe plug.

Step 2 – do the washing up radiator

After you"ve let every the coolant drainpipe from the radiator and also into the container, tighten the drain plug. To fill the radiator with distilled water, nearby the radiator"s cap, and let the car run because that a couple of minutes with the heater on. This will permit the thermostat come open. Flush the radiator again by opened up the cap and also removing the drain plug to let all the water drain. Repeat this process two to three times, or until you view clear water draining indigenous the radiator.

Figure 4. Fill water v the cap and drain v the drainpipe plug.

Step 3 – fill radiator through coolant

When you finally start seeing clear water draining from your radiator, allow the radiator drain completely, then close the drain plug. To fill the radiator with the radiator"s cap through 50/50 mix the distilled water and also antifreeze. A lot of coolant comes already mixed because that you. Start the vehicle and also let it operation for a couple of minutes v the overflow reservoir"s lid off, till the thermostat opens, climate refill the radiator back to the top. ~ the level is consistently full, be sure to refill the radiator"s overflow reservoir come the max.

Figure 5. Coolant overflow tank (passenger"s side).

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Pro Tip

Dispose the old coolant correctly by acquisition it to your nearest auto store; they will certainly dispose it because that free. Don"t to water it down the drain.