I have a Hyundai Elantra 2002 v 84K miles and would like to readjust the power steering liquid using a turkey baster. (1) i was wondering exactly how much power steering liquid I require for mine car? the user hand-operated does not say anything about it. (2) The manual says I need the PSF-3 form for mine car. PSF-3 is not found any type of where. So, I checked out O"Reily Auto parts and also bought the power steering liquid made through O"Reily. Is it good enough?


Is the all the manual says? I believe you have the right to use Dexron ATF, i beg your pardon is red in color. I would verify though, together PSF-3 is no much longer made.

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You can not properly change your strength Steering fluid with a Turkey baster! Your strength Steering System contains much much more fluid 보다 what is in the Reservoir. I usually remove a water tap on the return side of the pump and enable it to pump itself dry( a few turns that the Steering wheel will execute that) then refill the system whilst having actually an assistant relocate the steering wheel lock to lock as is possible. I would have no idea as to the amount of liquid you would need as every mechanism is different but I would have actually at least a quart come 1.5 quarts(2 liters)on hand. You can never have actually too much yet too tiny may assignment danger(so come speak).



I have actually a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS through 75k miles, which ns actually simply purchased recently. Ns am no a mechanic, however when i called about replacing strength steering in mine Hyundai ns was said Prestone strength Steering fluid (which i picked up in ~ my local Autozone). Mine mechanic friend told me Prestone is the next best thing because they don"t do PSF-3 anymore. Acquired it for about $7.00, and also I topped that off and I"m no hearing any type of problems. Simply took a trip for 600 miles and it was smooth sailing. Planning to do the washing up it out due to the fact that it"s previous due because that an actual flush. Expect this helps.


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